Xmas Giveaway

A new year means new hopes and a new excitements.. Most probably, travel is one of the most beautiful of these excitements.. Travel and explore new cities..

I prepared 3 new year gift to you which will be accompanying your travels ..


1.  (Cabin Size Suitcase)    2. (Suitcase Cover)   3. (Travel Vallet)




We have already left behind the summer season of the long vacation. Now the time for short travels.. And to get a cabin size suitcase is a must for  the modern time travelers …

You can easily find cabin size suitcase everywhere. But the fact is that many of these suitcases are very similar and if you have noticed that they don’t often reflect your style, that means you have not met a SUITSUIT® yet!

Most of the cases we have are black, dark blue or gray. They serve functionality only and did not reflect our own style. The SUITSUIT®, as well as functionality, by adding style,fashion and emotions to their products and has made it possible to reflect our style.

MINDBUTIK is bringing Dutch SUITSUIT® products which are original, contemporary and fashion to Turkey Curious, for trends and creative world travelers.. If you want to discover other beautiful and trendy suitcase in MINDBUTIK please click here ..



Now time to talk about our suitcase 🙂

SUITSUIT® Brooklyn Bridge suitcases series inspired by New York architecture. SUITSUIT® mixed Brooklyn Bridge Art Deco style with metallic champagne color and created a really stylish and urban luggage for us. This design will make you feel gorgeous and elegant!

I am really very excited my lucky follower who will have this great suitcase.. 🙂


And here is the 2nd gift..




SUITSUIT®’s probably the most innovative product is luggage cover ..

This unique case cover will convert you boring gray suitcase to a trendy travel accessorie. This cover is elastic, stylish, colorful and fun as well as practical to even the most experienced travelers . SUITSUIT® Luggage Cover is suitable for medium and large size hardcover (68-82 cm), almost all two-wheel and four-wheel suitcases.

This will transform an ordinary suitcase suitcases to the instant case is a remarkable fashion objects, but also to protect the luggage.. You can watch the related videoby clicking here.. 


And 3rd gift:


A stylish accessory from MINDBUTIK.. That you can use to put your passport, tickets and your identity card, keeping them together..


This wonderful 3 gifts will go to 3 people..

I would like men to join this giveaway but not only woman.. You can make your lover, your sister or your mother happy 🙂

Here are the steps to join the giveaway;

  • Like Mornings&Evevnings Facebok Page for me to reach you with my new posts,

  • Share this giveaway on your blog, your Facebook, Twitter account and/or Google + and/or Instagram account,

  • Leave a comment under this post with your link which shows your share and an answer about which city you want to be in Christmas in, of course with your email address which I can reach you

You can join the giveaway till December 28,2014 @11.59 pm. I will announce the winner till end of the day  December 29, 2014.

By the way, the cargo payment will be provided by me. (This giveway is valid in Turkey.. Apologizes to my followers who is living outside of Turkey) 

I wish you all a very happy and full of already traveled a lucky year. ♥



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