What to Eat What to Drink in Kiev

Kiev has not a legendary cuisine as far as we have seen. But we would like to try famous tastes. Our main goal is to find a nice venue which has Ukrainian Cuisine.

Oliva Kiev

The first evening we are unable to handle it.  And we have prefered an Italian restaurant, Olivia, for our first dinner in kiev. This is one of the most famous Italian restaurant of Kiev. It is a boutique, cozy and very nice place. Although we don’t have reservation they arranged a table for us. We ordered ravioli and salmon. Of course accompanied by red wine..  We have paid 280 UAH (35 USD) This was very good price. You can reach the menu by clicking here.  Italian cuisine is extremely common in Kiev, you’ll see. 

Oliva Restaurant in Kiev

Ukrainian Cuisinie 

We could find a place that we can try local tastes in our second evening. That’s our main topic.

You can taste the Ukrainian food in O’Panas (Tapas) Restaurant. This place is on the Volodymr Street.It is in the Shevchenko Park which is opposite the Shevchenko University (building painted with red).

Atmosphere is local, old Ukrainian style. Service girls do, they wear local local Ukrainian outfit. But unfortunately they don’t speak english. We worked hard to decide what to order.  Unfortunately we were unable to get any help. BEside any help, the service girl even threw a glance as if saying “come on, I am waiting for your order!” 🙂

They served beetroot salad and pork fat as the starter. 

And of course, we ordered Borsch soup first. I think one of the most famous dishes of Ukrainian-Russian cuisine .. Borshch soup came with pampushky in sour cream and garlic sauce.  This soup is made of beetroot. Other vegetables and meat are placed also. You can choose the vegeterian one without meat if you wish.

borsch soup

Other dish we ordered was Shuba. Shuba is also a very famous Russian dishes. Actually this is a salad. Steamed vegetables mix lots mayonnaise and salmon. And here is Shuba. The taste is not bad, but for someone like me who love Italian cuisine it is weird. Be ready to eat raw salmon completely in Shuba.


Our another food we ordered was dumpling with deer meat (Venison). Although I have heard the venison is very tastesful, I don’t like very much. It was sour and heavy. Maybe its aroma wasn’t enough.

The prices of Tapas Restauant was acceptable. We paid 55 UAH (7 USD) for Borsch soup ab Shuba, 85 UAH ( 12 USD) for dumpling.

Il Molino

We were in an Italian for the our last dinner in Kiev. Il Molino is a famous Italian chain in Kiev. We ordered ravioli and pizza. The prices are very acceptable. We paid 160 UAH for pizza, ravioli and 2 glass of hand-made red wine.

You must try to taste local foods in the country where you are in. It is important to learn gastronomic habitats in the countries you visit..


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