havana old car

There is no ‘past’ in Cuba!

They are already in ‘past’! As we realized that the time had stopped in the 1960’s in Cuba, we decided to live like we are in 1960’s then.. My words is not enough to tell how Havana Tour is with a convertible classic American car.. Absoultely it is a must.. Important note to girls: Don’t forget to take your scarf 🙂 Let it dance with wind.. Actually details are important 🙂 .. Feel like you are in the past.. You can see clearly in video how our Havana tour was enjoyable.. The first part of video is below.. Our Havana Tour seconds are at the end of the video… By the way, don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel clicking here..

Havana vintage car tourHavana vintage car tourHavana old car


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