We are ready for New Year..

We were in Venice last year in Christmas.. We said a tastesful “Hello” to the new year. So I would like to share this post again because of New Year.. Enjoy.. 🙂

After resting shortly in our hotel, we are going out again. We are going to greet the New Year in San Marco Square. We are in the entrance of Venice. We can use the boat to reach to square but we prefer to walk. Obviously going to be a bit long but very enjoyable way.

Walking towards San Marco, we were glad for our choice. Because of a very colorful roadside. Portable cottage were set up. It’s cold, but it does not matter. Hot wines which are sold on the cottage are really nice for cold :) Our masks we bought before are on our face. The shops selling masks are already open on the road at that time. Almost no one is unmasked.

wooden huts built on the streets..
hot wine help us to warming..

The masked faces are increasing on the square area. People flock to San Marco. We are also in the square.  Just one hour left. There’s a concert at the opposite end of the square. Bellini is the sponsor of the evening. In the middle of the square there is a giant bottle of Bellini. Bellinis are given to everybody for free..

We find a beautiful point to ourselves and waiting for the time to be 00:00..

And the moment finally comes.  We are counting with the Italians back from 10.. Giant digital clock on the wall of square shows: 0:00! I cannot find the right words to tell the enthusiasm.. Amazing atmosphere.. At the that time begins a delightful fireworks show and sky meets colorful and inspiring lights.. 

happy new year..!

Hard to describe the beauty of the atmosphere with photos only. That’s why I will try to explain it with the video. This video specially prepared for you to live that moment. I hope this video will be a guidance to those who wish to enter the New Year in Venice.  You can see the day and the new year night in the video..

The ‘hello new year’ night was amazing.. The first day of the new year in Venice, everywhere is just like ours .. Quiet, peaceful…

Goodbye Venice.. Maybe one day again..?


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