Varadero Beach Cuba

Varadero Beach


We are in a different region of Cuba, very different from Havana and the all other cities of Cuba. Varadero. Varadero is 3 hours away from Havana.

This is a place which is not counted Cuban by most of the people. Why not? Isn’t Cuba a Carribbean island? Varadero is Cuba’s tropical face. Powdery white sand, crystal clear turquoise sea are so beautiful and peaceful, and perfectly reflects Carribbean ..

Varadero CubaVaradero BeachVaradero Beach

We stayed at Melia Hotel in Varadero. Hotel post is here and video will be ready soon.

Varadero made us relax after our tiredness in Havana, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara and Trinidad..

Varadero KübaVaradero Küba

Here you can feel as if you have no problem and as if you are in a different dimension..

Sun (although I hide from the sun), sand, and the sea… Varadero is one of most enjoyable and the most tropical place in the world that you can live this amazing trio.

Mornings Evenings in VaraderoVaradero

Varadero CubaVaradero Beach CubaVaradero KübaVaraderoVaraderoVaradero MeliaVaradero sandVaradero Mornings EveningsVaradero

Varadero Beach

Our choice as Cuban cocktail is Pina Colada here, as we did in every city of Cuba.. It is just delicious.. It is amazing to meet cyristal chilly water by passing hot sand with our dizzy head because of extra Rummed Pina Colada..

Pina ColadaMornings Evenings in Varadero

Varadero BeachVaradero MeliaVaradero BeachVaradero Melia HotelEvrim Duyal AksesVaradero Aysam AksesVaraderoVaradero Beach Palm TreeVaradero BeachCarribean SeaVaradero

Varadero Mornings Evenings

Varadero Evrim AysamVaradero Melia Hotel

Varadero Beach Mornings Evenings


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