Uffizi Gallery

Medici’s Art Collection; The Uffizi Gallery, Galleria Degli Uffizi 

Before coming to Florence, we were informed for the long ticket queues of Uffizi, so we bought the tickets by internet sales, many days before, and it was gratifying to see that we didn’t have to wait that tens of meters of queue.


The Uffizi, housing the most important works of renaissance, a very huge building. We have started our trip at the last floor. It takes a day if you walkabout with detailed observations, but not less than 2 hours even if you are not interested in art…It is forbidden to take photos in the galery, I was warned by the security although I was taking the photo of the name of the work instead of writing it down. My advice for you not to miss in the gallery are;

That is okay if you see especially these works..

These works are all exhibited in seperate rooms, you have to search and find them. The ceilings of the gallery are also full of many figures..even the sultans of Ottoman are depicted.

view from Uffizi’s inside

It is tiring to trip in Uffizi, there is a terrace at the exit. We rested for a while on the benches at that terrace, Palazzo Vecchio and Campanile in front of us…  

gorgeus Palazzo Vecchio from Uffizi’s garden

At the exit of the gallery, you can find a shop that sells the small samples of the works you had seen in the museum. I recommend you to buy something here, because the similar souvenir that you will see on the streets do not have the same quality as those ones.

We leave from Uffizi. We are walking towards the famous bridge Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) On the next post..


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