Top Of The Rock-Rockefeller Observation Desk

Top of The Rock

We are at the top of NEW YORK..


When you say ‘New York’ many famous buildings come to mind first. Many people don’t like them but I love those cool-looking, modern skyscrapers which compete with each other to reach the sky.. This silhoutte that nearly have no rounded lines and covered with sharp lines impressed me really.

There are some buildings in New York that you should not miss to visit .. One of them is famous Flatiron Building and I published about it in my previous post. Now it’s Rockefeller Building ‘s turn..

Do you like to watch a city from the top? If so you should go to top of the Rockefeller Building (Top of The Rock) or the Empire State Building (Observation Deck). You must go to one of them whether you like it or not 🙂 Because you will see the amazing New York’s view with a different perspective.

New York’s view is very beautiful on days but night also. We want to have the both experience.. So we will go to Rockefeller at day time and then go to Empire State in the evening. First we are in the Rockefeller Center.

We are excited for New York view and go to the elevator to go up 70.floor without losing time.

Our journey to 70.floor took  only 42 seconds. I am trying to be sure it this is an elevator or a space shuttle 🙂  Its speed is about 10 meters per second. Your ears can be hurt because of the speed. Give your attention to the light show on the ceiling while you are in the elevator. They made your journey colorful even for 42 seconds..

And finally, we are on the top. New York is truly breathtaking from here.. She is a very very impressive city.. not possible to be dazzled..

Mornings-Evenings at Top of The Rock
Mornings-Evenings at Top of The Rock

So beautiful..
New York Things to do

Top of The RockManhattan from Top of The Rock

Manhattan from Top of The Rock

There is an additional terrace you can walk further up. Aysam is looking there. We are going to be there after a while.

observation desk nyc

You can see Central Park from Top of The Rock…

Central Park From Rockefeller Central Park From Rockefeller

Top of The Rock Mornings-Evenings

Mornings Evenings Observation Desk Mornings Evenings Observation Desk

observation desk nyc

There are 19 Rockefeller Buildings actually. All were commissioned by the Rockefeller family, who is very important for American history. The best known one that attracts tourists is the GE Building. (Other names: 30 Rockefeller-Comcast Building, Rock Building and RCA Building). Top Of The Rock which we watch New York is on the 70. floor of the building..

Rockefeller Building

Rockefeller’s Building’s (actually we must call GE Building) exterior is quite spectacular. The architect is Raymond Hood. There are Art Deco figures above the entrance door. And written a verse from the Bible: ” Wisdom and Knowledge shall be the stability of thy times.”rockefeller center

Rockefeller Center Rockefeller Center

Every year in November New York City’s largest Christmas tree is set in front of Rockefeller Center with a ceremony. Many people come here in order to watch the ceremony of lighting the tree..

Where is Rockefeller (GE) Building?

It is just 4-5 blocks beyond Times Square. On the 50.str, between 5th and 6th avenues. There is a subway station just under the block. (Rockefeller Ctr)

The Best Time of the Day to Visit Top of The Rock?

For sure, late afternoon. The sun light wil give you the right angle to have a good view. Also it is the best time for taking perfect photographs. The buildings will be with shadows at noon time. Don’t forget to add spending 1 hour of que when planning your visit.

PS: At the entrance of Top Of The Rock, they force you to give funny poses in front of New York scene, and take pictures. Up to me it is no need to give money and buy those pictures, it is very artificial..anyway keep the slip they give after taking the photos, you can see your photo online entering the number on the slip.

Rockefeller Center-Top Of The Rock Ticket Prices

You have more than one alternatives:

  • If you want to go to ‘Top Of The Rock’ only and watch New York : 32 usd (Adult) / 26 usd (child) / free (0-5 years old)
  • If you want to go to ‘Top Of The Rock and make the building tour also (to see the architecture, art of building) you must choose Rock Pass alternative / 44 usd
  • If you want to go to ‘Top Of The Rock’ twice a day and see New York both day and night, you must choose Sun&Star alternative. / 47 usd
  • If you want more advantage and economic alternatives, you must buy City Pass. (I highly recommend) If you have City Pass, you can enter Empire Building, American Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, 9/11 Memorial Museum OR Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum also. / 116 usd (adult) / 92 usd (child)

Click here for more info about New York City Pass. (If you say ‘I have limitless time in New York and want to more places and economic alternative’ , click here and think to buy New York Pass.. It is a really advantage alternative, you can enter places more than 80)

You can reach more detail about Top Of The Rock tickets click here..


This building is the headquarter of famous NBC Studios. There are special tours for NBC and the price is around 30 usd per person..

NBC Studios

An additional info;

Under the block of Rockefeller (at back side), there is a famous pattisserie with its cheese cakes, Magnolia. I suggest to give a short dessert stop there.

We watched New York from Rockefeller Center.. And we will go to Empire States Building also.. We will be there evening..


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