The Top 21 Things To Do in Paris


You are in Paris! So what are the most important places you must see?? What are the Things To Do in Paris? Here is Paris City Guide and my ‘The Top 21’ list about Paris.. Here you go!

1.Eiffel Tower

We see many monuments or towers made of stone, marble or something like that in many cities in the world. But this amazing thing was made of iron. It is just amazing. Art of iron!.. Click here for more info about my love with Eiffel and click here for my birthday celebration witnessed by Eiffel.

2.Louvre Museum

Most probably Louvre is the world’s most special museum. Because Mona Lisa is there.. It is a great museum. So, if you spend just 1 minute in front of each work, it takes about 11 months to visit the museum. 🙂  So you should make a good plan to visit here. Especially if you have limited time.. Otherwise, you might miss the most important works. I think all works in Louvre are amazing and they are very impressive at least as Mona Lisa. You should know which works you especially need to see. (for the general information about Louvre and famous Louvre Pyramide click here. For must see works, click here and here..) The most important work of the Louvre is Mona Lisa. Genius Leonardo Da Vinci’s mysterious lady is the most valuable work of Louvre. So why this lady is so valuable? For 11 truth about Mona Lisa click here..

3.d’Orsay Museum

Do not care about the people who says ‘Don’t go D’orsay if you visited the Louvre’, and go to D’orsay.. For more details about D’orsay, click here.

4.Tuileries Garden

Very close to Louvre, D’orsay and Concorde Square. It was created as the garden of the Tuileries Palace. Then it was opened to the public. If you are here on a sunny Paris morning, you see many Parisien jogging. Very nice and calm place.

5.Pont Des Arts

This famous bridge was filled with love locks in the near past. The lovers used to write their names on the locks, put in the bridge and throw the key into the Seine River. One day the bridge couldn’t carry thousands locks anymore and it was crashed. Fortunately, no injuries or deaths, but the topic was very serious from now on. So Paris Municipality removed the railing of the bridge with the love locks and replaced it with lock-themed graffities. There were love locks when we were in Paris but we didn’t put a lock. There is an alike bridge in Venice also. We didn’t put a lock there also 🙂 Whatever, even you can not put a lock on this bridge go there. Watch the Seine and Paris. By the way this bridge is very close to Louvre. However you will not be able to put the lock on the bridge, Pont Des Arts must be on the Paris To Do List..

6.Notre Dame Cathedral

This amazing cathedral is one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture. For more details about this cathedral, its giant bell Emmanuelle, scary gargoyles and rose window click here.. For my observation about the very special musical written about this mysterious gothic cathedral click here..

7.Champs Elysées

Oh, Champs Elysées! May it be the most famous street in the world? Yes, it can be, of course after the 5th Avenue. 🙂 One end of this avenue is Concorde Square and the other one is Arc de Triomphe. You can get off the metro station ‘Concorde’ and walk to the other end so Arc De Triomphe. Or get off the station Charles De Gaulle (the boulevard where Arc de Triomphe is located) and walk down to Concorde Square. For my post about Champ Elysées click here

8.Arc de Triomphe

One end of the Champs-Elysées. A great structure. If you have time and trust your condition go to its top. For my detailed post about Arc de Triomphe click here

9.Concorde Square

Another end of the Champs-Elysées. Many memories had been occured witnessed by this squre. For more info about Concorde Square click here. If only memories witnessed come to words, I can’t imagine how long it would take listening this famous square..!

10.Montmarte♦Place du Tertre

This is the neighbourhood that famous film ‘Amelie’ as Audrey Tautou in the main role was taken. This is the area some famous writers and painters such as Celine, Picasso, Van Gogh had been lived once upon a time. It is one of Paris’s most intellectual place.. You can go to a dreamy world among the works here and you can also ask for your portrait to be made. After leaving here, walk down. You will reach Basilica of Sacre Cour which is one of the most famous buildings in Paris.

11.Basilica of Sacre Coueur

You must watch Paris from this magnificent white building in Montmarte. It would be better to watch Paris from Sacre Coueur rather than the Eiffel Tower. Because you can see the Eiffel as well 🙂 For my post about Montmarte-Place du Tertre-Sacre Coueur click here.

12.Pompidou Center

Do you like contemporary art? So minimalism? Do you wonder main meaning under the works that looks like meaningless? If so, you must go Pompidou.. But don’t leave without understanding the works. If you cannot understand the meaning of any work, don’t hesitate to ask to an officer. For the post about this modern center click here.

13.Saint Germain District

One of the most beautiful neighbourhood of Paris. There are many cafes here. Go to this region for your coffee break. There are two historical, special cafes here. For more info about Paris’ food, drink and those famous cafes, click here.

14.Père Lachaise Cemetery

I guess I hear you say ‘Are we going to visit a cemetery on our holiday!’ This is a different cemetery. Pere Lachaise is one of the world’s most famous cemetery. Because this is the eternal home of the most famous people such as Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison, Moliere, Ahmet Kaya, Yilmaz Guney. I would recommend you to see the great writer Oscar Wilde’s grave especially, if you go. He had experienced many difficulties because of his homosexuality. There are men angel figures on Wilde’s grave and his tombstone is full of fan’s kiss. Visit this grave of the big writer and put your kiss on him…


It was built as a church, but it has became a cemetery where famous intellectuals such as Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Emile Zola, Alexandre Dumas buried after the French Revolution. These words are written at the entrance: Aux grands hommes la patria reconnaissante (To the great men, the grateful homeland). Consider its deep meaning.. There are many rooms next to each other inside. Some of very important intellectuals are sleeping alone, some are sleeping with two or three together. There is a Foucault’s Pendulum inside also. I do not know whether you have any idea, Foucault Pendulum which was taken its name from famous French physicist Leon Foucault, proving mechanism that the world rotates around its own. Pantheon is definitely worth visit.

 16.Luxembourg Gardens

Very close to Pantheon. Its name is ‘garden’ but think big 🙂 this is a community of tons of greens. There are many structure, art works and a palace inside. Consider its wideness.

17.Le Marais District

Trendy part of Paris. Bohemian.. Nearby same as Cihangir-Istanbul. Intellectuals and gays prefer this area. There are vintage boutiques, book stores, cafes. You must go.

18.Rodin Museum

I am sure you have an idea about Rodin. The artist of ‘The Thinker’. There are many copies in different cities in Europe and one of them is at Bakirkoy Psychiatric Hospital in Istanbul. If you want to see the original of this work and like statue art, visit here.

19.Picasso Museum

The special collection of Picasso’s, works belong to Picasso himself. The museum is at Hotel Sale in Marais..

20.Palace of Versailles

A historical French castle with 1300 rooms. Nowadays it is a museum and of course can not be visited whole. Palace is 25 kilometers outside of Paris. You can go by metro. Buy your ticket from internet to save your time. Here you will see Marie Antoinette’s glory life before she was executed by guillotine. You remember this lady from her unforgettable words ‘If they have no bread let them eat cake!’ By the way a little detail: Some historian says ‘she never said this’


How about the child in your soul? Do you want to live a fairytale? If so, go to this entertainment center. You can go by train and spend all your day.

Paris is always a good idea... (Audrey Hepburn)



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