The Top 12 Foods You Must Try in Paris

French Couisine is really interesting.. And nice as well.. You are in Paris.. What should you eat and drink? Come on, let’s check it..

1. escargot

Snail. No panic! it is not the kind of the ones we see anywhere like a park or garden. They are farm raised and eaten after very specific process. We can say escargot is national food for French. They love much. You can find at any restaurant in Paris. It is sold as canned in markets besides restaurants also. Yes it is unusual. But if you want to give the right of place, you must try the special flavor of that region. Maybe you won’t believe but there is a special day ‘National Escargot Day’ which is celebrated in May 24, every year.. People eat escargot on that day like crazy 🙂


2. cassoulet

It is very similar to Turkish style pinto bean food. Unlike, it has a big sausage part. This sausage is usually made from pork. It is not a ‘Wauww’ food but you can try.


3. steak with cafe de paris sauce

Amazing.. You should eat this in the right place. Le Relais De L’entrecote chain is very successful in Paris. Do visit if you are in Paris.. We tried it in the one on Champs Elysee. Don’t give up when you see long queues. Your turn comes soon 🙂 By the way, the origin of Cafe De Paris sauce is not Paris contrary to the common info. It is Geneva. Just footnote.

4. coq au vin

Cock cooked with wine. One of the most famous dishes of French cuisine. Sometimes it can be made with chicken. Burgundy wines is typically used. Be careful, when the cock soak wine you meet an amazing flavor. you get crazy.. I could not try in Paris. I found a taste opportunity to try in a French Restaurant Le Fumoir in Istanbul. For more Le Fumoir’s French flavor, click here..

5. boeuf bourguignon

Did you watch the movie ‘Julie&Julia’ ?? Or I can say ‘Julia Child’.. Do you remember? Yes, I am talking about Beef Bourguignon. Beef Burgundy. Big chopped of meat is cooked in French wine. Burgundy,  Beaujolais and Cotes Du Rhone  wines are typically used. I also did not try this in Paris so I did it myself at home. How was it? Awesome! Meat is cooked with wine not water.. I used a different French merlot wine. I did not have Burgundy at home. It was one of the best meat I’ve ever had. The softness of the meat-flavored wine and the slightly sweeter flavor of shallots blew me away. I hope I can try in its original location soon.

6. foie gras

Actually this is a dish that I IGNORE to eat because of the cruelty while produce prosesses. So I did not order in Paris. But I tried at Le Fumoir Restaurant I mentioned above. I don’t want eat it up.  Foie gras was created from a result of torture operations applied to gooses.. Please search the internet. I do not think that I can eat any creature with enjoy after suffering. There are a lot of reactions to Foie Gras in the world. Some organizations working to dissuade people from foie gras consumption. What do you think?? I think they are right..

7. duck confit

This is a traditional dish also. French people loves duck.

8. steak tartare

Raw meat&Raw egg.. It is just the brief of this dish.. This plate is in menus of many French restaurant. Think twice before ordering this meal. Because it is nearly completely raw. Just cooked spicey.. Most tourists don’t pay attention to the ‘raw’ word in the menu and order. The moment the plate comes in your table, you are shocked! There are raw meat (actually mingled with some spices) and raw egg on the meat. It is unusual for most people. It is ignored even the people who lives in Turkey and eat ‘Raw meat-Turkish Style’ 🙂 

9. onion soup

Traditional. I try it in French Restaurant La Fumoir.. Unusual taste. Nice..

10. french cheeses

I am sure you have an idea about French cheeses and their reputation in the world. French people are not eat cheese at breakfast, they eat them as dessert after dinner usually. The most famous French cheese are, Camembert, Roquefort and Brie. Camember has a hard coating on. But inside is creamy.. It is surely be tasted. Roquefort cheese goes perfectly with a red merlot varieties .. They say, good cheeses smell bad 😀 so you can get bad smell first, but please give them a chance..

If you want to taste cheese in Paris, sit down to one of a Parisienne bistro tables which in almost every sidewalk. Order a French cheese plate and a French red wine. While I was supping my wine and watching the Paris’ streets and Parisienne passing away in front of me, I felt like a Parisienne too 🙂

French wines♥French cheese

Wine object is an industry in France. French wines complete the most romantic moments, you know 😀 .. The world-famous wines are procured from different region in France. They are very respectable among all wines in the world. Taste French wine accompanying by French cheeses. Let them enjoy their love. 🙂

We prefer a bistro opposite of Notre Dame Church for cheese&wine break..

11. crème brulèe

‘I am not a creme brulee, I am a jelly’ 😀 Did you remind these words?? The screams of Julia Roberts from the movie ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’.. She was so cute while she was trying to describe his non-noble style..Creme Brulee is the most famous dessert of French cuisine. Above is caramel covered with a shell and made of cream and eggs. It is very light and delicious dessert. It is in the list ‘tastes will try’ in Paris.

12. macaron

White eggs fall in love with sugar!!  How can these round small things be so beautiful and delicious?? There are two addresses in Paris for macaron: Laduree and Pierre Herme. You can eat the best macarons here. If you go to Paris and back your country whithout eating macaron, get out of my sight. You can be a macaron fetishist 😀 Let’s find out which macaron will be your favorite? An almond macaron from Laduree was my birthday cake 🙂  Click here..

**bonus for MUSSELLOVERS**

Of course mussel does not belong to French cousine only. But if I am in Europe I love to eat mussel.. Leon De Bruxelles is a Belgian that makes mussel well. Do visit there..


Try French tastes I have mentioned above as much as you can. There are two nice&popular place in St.Germain area.


They are side by side. Once upon a time Victor Hugo, Sartre, Camus spent their time here and wrote his novels. This was important for me.. Luckily we found a table just in front of the Street. We ordered ‘hot apple pie’ and coffee. They have Pierre Herme macarons in their menu also.. Keep in mind.. And bon appettite..


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