The Tastesful Florence..

What to Eat What to Drink in Florence..? 

To know a city, or a country, it’s not enough to see the historical places…but also the people, sociological structure, and the eating-drinking culture..This is what we try to do at every place we go. So you have to know the gastronomy and the cusine culture of Florence when you visit.


In Florence we had our first lunch at a pizzeria that we entered randomly, located at the back side streets. The pizza we got was both cold and very oily, honstly it was bad…For whom going to try that pizza standing, I recommend to examine the showcase carefully and warn by saying “Caldo” to have it a little hot.

After that bad experience, we had a rest at a famous luxury cafe of 18th century, Gilli, in the center of Piazza Della Rapubblica, with a cofee and tasted tiremisu at its homeland. Tiramisu was somehow different of the ones we know, more creamy. Sitting at that cafe is interesting, you watch every action in the square, the tourists, the Italians. The coffees are about €4.5, tiramisu €8, fruit ice cream €9, it worths…

Coffee break at Gilli..


It is not possible to say that the icecream was unique. If you ask where to taste, I strongly recommend Gelateria Santa Trinita. It is not an exaggeration if I say that this icecream was the best I have ever tasted, silky texture and delicious taste…Try the gray one (black cumin) and the pistachio. You can have a trial before you choose. It is at a walking distance to Ponte Vecchio, in front of Ponte Santa Trinita.

there is a small wine boutique in the Galeteria Santa Trinita..

Don’t miss to take unique photos on Ponte Santa Trinita, after the icecream break.

After a short rest at our hotel, we are out for dining. The first dinner at Ristorante Lorenzo De Medici. The start is with Ribollita, Tuscany’s traditional soup. Mashed vegetables, thick consistency, not a kind of soup we are used to…The soup is better with crostinis and brushettas, boutique breads that you can find at everypart of Italy. Very tasteful…

the soup called Ribollita must be tried..

The real thin Italian pizzas, spaghetti bolognese, the lasagna was successful (pastas € 7-9, risottos €8, and the steak was about €12). With our meal we took Chianti,the most famous wine of tuscany, tastes like Merlot, soft to drink. You can also try home made wines (vino di casa).  

a good lasagna and Chianti..
Fiorentina steak..Bistecca Alla Fiorentina..a must..

We are in Hard Rock Cafe for drink.

Hard Rock Cafe..

No need to think about drink.. We will get absolutely Bellini which is the famous drink in Italia..




You can try pizzas, pastas, famous Florence steak and wines at many trattorias and restaurants of Florence, but I recommend to have a look to the menus and the prices before enetering. Also you can see that the prices differ if you will stand ar sit to a table (a piedi=standing).

Apart from ribollita, try Pappa al Pomodoro, the tomatoes soup of Tuscany, good alternatives for vegeterians.

Cantuccini, sweet, crunchy Italian cookies like bitter almond, also known as Prato cookies. Tuscanians eat this cookies dipping into Vino Santo, a white wine, at aperativo times.

Pecorino (hard taste as parmesan) and ricotta (creamy, soft) are local cheese made of sheep milk. Mascarpone is the cheese they use in tiramisu, the source of the different taste. I recommend Provolone, made of cow milk, for those who likes scented cheese.

Panzanella (bread salad) is made with tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, mint, basil and crumbled bread dipped in oil, very similar to Turkish taste.

Some recommendations of bars for the night:

Slowly A cocktail bar.

Doris Bar-lounge

Yab (You are beautiful); Supper Club-lounge

I don’t have any idea about the prices of these night clubs, so I couldn’t share here. Our presence in Florence was mainly for art and architecture, so we chose to rest at the hotel to have enough energy for the day. Our entertaintment for the night was listening to music at Hard Rock Cafe, drinking Bellini, Italians famous cocktail.

It is impossible to tell everything here about Tuscany’s cusin, but try to taste as much as you can. Don’t forget to buy local sauces, colourful giant spaghettis and thick sticks of pastas, called Pici before leaving Florence. 

there is some original foods in the gourmet shop in the city

Shopping in Florence;



About 30 minutes to florence, there are some outlets, for example The Mall, where you can buy Gucci, Emilio Pucci, Gerogio Armani a little bit cheaper.

Le Cascine is the open bazaar of Florence, established on Tuesdays only, food, clothing and household items are sold.

In Santa Lorenza bazaar, near Duomo, you can find used clothing and accessories. And also at the bazaar next to Uffizzi Palace, every Sunday.

Florence is the first step of Tuscany, is possible rent a car and discover magnificent views of suburbs. The nearby important towns are Pisa, Sienna, Arezzo, Cortona, Montepulciano and Saint Gimignano.

Florence is a truly beautiful city. A treasure. A fairy tale. A dream. Very impressive. Whatever I tell will be less, however, you have to live the city…


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