Surf in Alacati

We don’t miss to do the most favourite things where we go!

Dance with wind..

We said; if we are in Alacati, we would not come back without surfing and we decided to set up a surf lesson. (I was not ready, my duty was to take photographs of Aysam this time 🙂

There are many surf schools in Alacati. However Bora Kozanoglu and Mistral Surf are good schools with its instructors. We called them and got from Mistral Surf School an appointment for two lessons.

I recommend that you take the appointment early in the morning or late afternoon hours.. Otherwise you may burn under the sun.

You can stand at the board after a 1-hour lesson. At the end of 2 hours lesson and the session of fall down – get on the board a thousand times, you can sail slowly, go forward and turn back. This is really enjoyable. Patience is the most important factor..

Try it.. You’ll love..


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