Plaza De La Revolucion


Our first stop on the second day of Havana is Revolution Square.

Plaza De La Revolution is Havana’s most famous square. Very big. There are giant portraits of the two most prominent figures in the square. One belongs to Che who was the romantic revolutionary from Argentine.. Che’s giant portrait is the most special part of the Revolution Square.

The famous slogan is written under the magnificent silhouette:

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!  (Until Victory, Always!)

Devrim Meydanı Havana

There is one more important portrait in Revolution. The portrait of Camilo Cienfuegos. We don’t know Camilo as well as Che. Because he was died very early on an aircraft crash. (If you have an idea who this is, I will have clap you, because I learned when I was in Cuba.)

Camilo Cienfuegos.

Camilo was a legendary revolutionary as Che. He was one of the four horsemen of the revolution. (remind four horsemen: Fidel Castro, his brother Raul Castro, Che Guevara and Camilo) When the aircraft accident was occured Che joined the team that searched Camilo’s missing plane. But unfortunately neither aircraft nor Camilo could be found.

Camilo is important for Cubans. So they leave flowers to the ocean for memory of Camilo every 28 October with a ceremony. (Che was deeply sorry for Camilo’s lost and he gave Camilo’s name to his son..)

Camilo Cienfuegos

An intereting sentence is written below Camilo’s silhoutte:

Vas Bien Fidel! (You’re doing fine, Fidel!) 

This was the answer of Camilo to the question ‘How am I doing?’ from Fidel at one of his speech.

Devrim Meydanı Havana


Another huge structure you will see in the Revolution Square belongs to Jose Marti. Jose Marti is the Cuban Revolution leader and he is also very very important figure for Cubans like our Ataturk. We as the world know Che and Fidel well, but Jose Marti comes at first for Cubans. His name was given to the Cuba Airport. He was not a politican only, he was also a poet and activist. Jose Marti is the person who wrote Guantanamera which is most known Cuban song..

I am a truthful man; I come from where the palm tree grows,
I am a truhearted man, who comes from where the palm trees grow,
Before I lay down my life, I long to coin the verses of my soul 

guantanamera! guajira!
guantanamera! guajira!

So here it is…

Jose Marti
Jose Marti Havana

Havana Küba

I think the Revolution Square is not only the most famous square in Havana but it is also the most meaningfull one. This is the square which hold May 1 celebrations with peace, freedom and under the witness of Che, Camilo and Jose Marti. It is very very valuable..

Devrim Meydanı Che
Revolution Square Havana
Devrim Meydanı Küba



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