Raki&Kebab&Turkish Coffee

I am not sure this is suitable for health in these hot summer days but this view is absolutely seductive.

If you are in Turkey you have no chance to go back your country without tasting Turkish raki&kebab.. 

We ate Raki&Kebab&Fish and other Turkish cousine food in Bodrum as always 🙂 Outdoor in fresh air and these delicious food are very nice when you get hungry after swimming.. 

Dessert is a must after Raki&Kebab.. Anyhow we are swimming all the day, so we don’t put on any calories 🙂

Turkish Coffee

We finished raki&kebab&dessert case.. Now it is time to drink our Turkish Coffee.. It is really delicious.. This coffee is a very traditional taste in Turkey. Coffee is boiled in a pot called “cezve” and served in a special cup called “fincan”. You can ask your coffee with sugar, little sugar or without sugar.. 

Turkish coffee is an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Turks confirmed by UNESCO.

Turkish coffee

Speaking about the tastes in Bodrum, I want to tell about our little, cute friend who was with us especially in our breakfasts. She (or he) ate with us, moreover from our hands.. 🙂


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