Ponte Vecchio and The Gates of Paradise

Leaving from Uffizi, we walk to Ponte Vecchio (The Old Bridge). On the way to the famous bridge, Donetello, Michalengelo and many other important people’s statues accompany us.

one more street artist.. Is he there for us to fall in love with this city?

At last, meeting the magnificent Ponte Vecchio. What an impressive view you have..

Ponte Vecchio..

This bridge, containing many jewelers nowadays has survived the World War II without being destroyed. And time to leave after a stop for photos..

Duomo Di Santa Maria Del Fiore

Our next stop is Santa Maria Del Fiore Cathedral. The bell tower (Campanile) was built by Giotto’s design between 1331-1355. And Filippo Brunelleschi has finished the cathedral , building the giant dome so clarifying the current view. Brunelleschi is the first person who found perspective. The dome he had built is accepted as one of the first architecture of Renaissance, so he is known as one of the genius of the time. 

Duomo di Santa Maria Del Fiore
zoom for the details of cathedral..
the figure of “stimulus man” .. He symbolizes to God

The cathedral is extremety impressive. You have to examine very deeply, then you miss yourself on the details…

The Gates of Paradise

Just in front of the cahedral, you see an octagonal structure, Battistero di San Giovanni (Baptistery). It is famous for its doors, having bronze relief by Lorenzo Ghiberti. This door is named as “The Gates of Paradise” for its beauty and also for its importance on starting Renaissance. It was the first that you see three dimensions and reliefs. There are many figures and scenes from the Bible. Creation of Adam and Eve, first sin, expulsion from heaven, Abraham sacrifying his son to God and many similar scenes…The original doors are kept in the museum of the cathedral.

the Gates of Paradise

Examine this door please, remember at which century it was made…

Via Di Tornabuoni

Leaving the cathedral, we walk in Via Di Tornabuoni. This street is very attractive and pleasant to walk  for the brands like Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Roberto Cavalli, Emilio Pucci and so on… 

Life in Florence.. 

The photo below reminds me phaetons around the Mozart’s House in Vienna and the cool drivers with hat..

Santa Trinita Bridge

As it is getting darker slowly, we continue to explore Florence’s streets. By walking we reach Santa Trinita Bridge. It is a must to see that bridge.

Ponte Santa Trinita..
I must catch this background..
Ponte Vecchio from Ponte Santa Trinita..

Our target is hotel right now.. We want to rest before dinner..

D&G’s shop is very interesting on our way.. 🙂
Cafe Gilli at night

After a short breathe and change clothes stop at the hotel, we are outside again. The places we have seen in the day have another beauty at night. Two days before entering the new year, everywhere is colorful…

A building which wears lights for the new year

And the time of go to hotel.. Tired but soo happy..

The Tastesful Florence.. What to Eat..? What to Drink..? It is on the next post..


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