Notre Dame De Paris Musical

For a long time I wanted to see this legendary musical.. And we finally watched last night at Zorlu Center in Istanbul.

We’ve just returned from Paris. I have just began to post about our Paris and we’re still under the influence of Paris so watching this musical is very exciting for me. We saw the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, of course very impressed. The beautiful cathedral was more meaningful with its historical past and of course Victor Hugo‘s famous work.

We went to the musical church with the emotions when we were in Paris.

Now, here are the some notes from the night;

  • Musical language was English. You know the original one is French. I worried about this before because of my enthusiasm for French. But I saw that these concerns were completely unfounded.  The musical was adapted into English by Will Jennings who is teh writer of “My Heart Will Go On” from the movie “Titanic”. It was extremely successful.
  • Musical was performed with Turkish surtitles.
  • The musical began with the song named “The Age Of Cathedrals” which was performed by the poet Gringorie. (Richard Charest) . Start to listen this nice song right now 🙂 (The artist on the video under is Bruno Pelletier)


  • Then exceptional performances came accompanied by the songs of artists. The beautiful gypsy  Esmeralda’s song about bohemian existence and destiny, a group of refugees which have gathered in front of Notre Dame Cathedral to seek asylum and their punk dances, , Quasimodo and his rebellion to God for his ugliness, the priest Frollo who is truly obsessed with Esmeralda and his cry desperately and more and more impressive scene…We watched with entusiasm.
  • The decor was great. The statues freak (gargoyle) which is on the Notre Dame in Paris were also there.
  • Belle which is the most famous songs of the musical was very impressive despite the English words. I think this is one of the most impressive melodies of all the time.
  • The scene that Commander of Phoebus told he couldn’t decide which of two girls he liked more was amazing. He sang his song accompanying by half-naked dancers that they were flu and clear by behind the lights.
  • Quasimodo the main character was successful, but!; His makeup would be more ugly and his voice wouldn’t be so soft. I think Garou is the best Quasimodo ever!

  • The another scene which I was very impressed was the Quasimodo’s cry about the bells which he loved and shared his loneliness. The giant bells on the scene were very impressed with the dancers on.
  • All artists have their highest performance. Especially, Clopin who is the head of refugees performed the role with his eyes.
  • The musical took a total of 2 hours and 10 minutes with one break.
  • The final surprise was Richard Cocciante who is the creator of the all songs of Notre Dame De Paris.
  • Another surprise in the final was that Richard Charest (the poet Gringorie) sang the opening track “The Age of Cathedrals” with the whole team without orchestra.

I also managed to capture these beautiful moments ..

Riccardo Cocciante

And the last word;

In my opinion this musical should be seen. I’m sure Victor Hugo was remembered several times that evening. Go to this musical, watch and forget the word. There’s something to keep in mind; How to satiate our stomach, we need to feed our souls like that. Go and saturate  your soul with this awesome musical.. 

Here is the Belle by Garou; ( Ours was English you know )





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