New York City Guide

After a long flight of approximately 11 hours, we land on New York JFK. Turkish Airlines has direct flights from Istanbul to New York.

We meet the city after the passport control.. So first impressions about New York City begin..Let’s go New York Travel Guide that I prepared for you..


New York City is very different from Europe. You feel it as soon as take steps into the city. First of all the city has no nationality. Chinese, Japanese, the black… So is it a good thing?? Absolutely! Because the main thing is human. For example, when I was in Stockholm, I saw a homogeneous society with white skin&blonde hair person. In NYC, you see people of all nationalities and they live happy together.

America is a country of Freedom!

You can be yourself there, you do not have to keep your soul in a body that you don’t  want to be in. You can take the sociological picture of the city more when you are in the subway. I saw a black woman over 60 years old in the subway, for example. The half of her hair was short and other half was long.. Her red nails were very long.. She was talking to the man next to her (probably her husband) and laughing. This woman became one of the people I respect in my life. (Of course, she will never know it 🙂 ) Because of the courage she has which provide her to be herself and to be the person what she wants to be despite her age and other people’s ideas. She kept her soul, her conceit and actually her life.

You can see many profiles as this ‘free woman’ in NYC. Nobody stares at you and nobody judges you also.. These are what I always dream of..

The media is not controlled by the state. So PRESS IS FREE also besides personal freedom..

You know, SAME-SEX MARRIAGE also known as GAY MARRIAGE became is legal in United States anymore. People will be themselves.

US Constitution has some section like ‘all people are created equal, rights to liberty, rights to life’  etc. But there is one more important and interesting section:


So The pursuit of happiness is defined as a fundamental right mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. If there is something more meaningful than these words, it is to be able to live this truth practically.  The full support to LGBT of State is already proving it. So US is very different from whole world..

Times Square
Times Square


Check out the maps I attached below. First one is New York’s and second one is Manhattan map. You will spend your almost all time in Manhattan. So it is important to learn Manhattan map first.

New York City Map

Manhattan is New York’s heart. The region where the modern building has ‘reach to sky’ competition with each other. Streets are straight, no uphill. It is almost impossible to get lost.

They say ‘New York is the capital of the world’. This is absolutely true. You see so many people from so many different nationalities in NYC. For example, you can eat the best Chinese food in NYC after its original country.. You can learn the best examples of Vietnamese Cuisine in NYC after its origin.


You have many alternatives to stay in NYC. If you say I’m going to stay in Manhattan, you should know that the hotels are too expensive. It is not a solution if you choose to stay at a 2-star hostel or use Air Bnb, all cost more than Europe.  So isn’t there any way to solve this accommodation problem economicaly?

Of course there is. So in relative terms.

Stay in neighbourhood district of NYC. Such as if you stay in Brooklyn region, your hotel rate will be lower. But be careful! Don’t go too far from Brooklyn Bridge. Choose a hotel next to the metro. The rest is not so much trouble. Because the subway network in NYC is extremely good.

If you say ‘I don’t want to pay a wealth to hotel so I take a little effort’ this alternative would be better for you. It depends on personal preferences and priorities.

If you decide to stay in Manhattan, my personal recommendation; stay in district like Chelsea, Soho, East Willage or around. These districts are very close to China Town and Little Italy, but the profile is different. I loved Chelsea and its houses like the ones in London. It was pleasure to take photographs here. And… The fans of Sex&The City know, the main girl Carrie’s iconic apartment was in Chelsea around and of course I had visited it 🙂 Details will be on the next posts.. For fans..

NYC’de konaklamak için sayısız alternatif mevcut. İlle de Manhattan’da kalacağım diyorsanız otellerin çok pahalı olduğunu hemen belirteyim. Benim için sorun değil 2 yıldızlı hostelde de kalırım deseniz yine de pahalı, AIR BNB’den baksanız da pahalı. Peki konaklamayı çözmenin ekonomik yolu yok mu?

Elbette var. Yani nispeten.

Manhattan’da değil de Manhattan’a metro ile ulaşabileceğiniz mesafedeki bölgelerde kalın. Brooklyn’de kalırsanız otel fiyatları daha düşük olacaktır. Yalnız dikkat edin, Brooklyn’de Brooklyn Köprüsü’ne yakın yerlerde olsun oteliniz. Çok içlere gitmeyin. Bir de metro istasyonuna yakın olmalı otel. Gerisi çok sorun değil. Çünkü NYC’deki metro ağı gerçekten ileri derecede iyi. Otele servet vereceğime biraz zahmet çekerim derseniz bu bir seçenek. Tamamen kişisel tercihler ve önceliklerle ilgili bir seçim.

Mutlaka Manhattan’da kalacağım diyorsanız benim kişisel önerim; Chelsea, Soho, East Willage civarında kalın. Buraları Çin Mahallesi ve Little Italy Bölgesi’ne yakın ama profil olarak oralardan çok ayrışmış bölgeler. Özellikle Chelsea sokaklarında gezerken Londra evleri gibi pek çok evi fotoğraflamak benim için ayrı bir keyifti. Ayrıca bilenler bilir, Sex&The City ‘nin esas kızı Carrie’nin dizideki artık ikonik olmuş dairesi de Chelsea’deydi.. Elbette orayı da gördüm.. 🙂 İlerleyen postlarda fotoğrafla detay koyacağım.. Meraklısına..


The three best alternatives you will use for transport are subway, your foot and the third one is taxi.. /cab)


NYC has a very good underground network. But subway stations are old and very dirty. Yes it is so dirty you can see cat sized rats on the rails 🙂

Metro stations in NYC are the places where homeless people live. To keep warm, they lay on the benches in the stations.

Get a Metro Card without any doubt. You will very often have to use metro to explore the different districts of the city. Single ride metro costs 3 USD, whre you pay 31 USD for a 7 day unlimited ride MetroCard. You can have the card from the vending machines at all stations.

NYC subway
New York subway.. some frightening?
/to walk/

The most beautiful way to explore the city is to walk. Walk, walk and walk… You will explore the streets, people and buildings with more pleasure. Being tired because of walking in New York City will be very pleasant fatigue. For sure.. For example look at the first photo below. 7th Avenue between 34th and 42nd streets is the ‘Fashion Walk of Fame’. You can see gold circle plaques on the east side of 7th. Each plaques features a different designer with info. There are 28 plaques belong to best American fashion designer. Ralph Lauren.. Calvin Klein.. Oscar De La Renta.. Marc Jacobs.. Donna Karan.. Mine is MainBocher..

New York Streets
New York Streets

Street dancer of this city is so cool..

All streets are ours..

/taxi/ cab 

Famous iconic yellow taxies of NYC.. They are named as ‘Cab’ Cabs are expensive like all other things in the city.  Be sure to give a tip to driver in addition to the taxi fare. This is almost a rule.  Don’t skip this details.

In fact, tip is a rule such as a requirement. Depending on your satisfaction, prepare a tip of at least 15% . Don’t forget that tips are the main income of the staff in US, salary is additional.


You can find every cuisine of the world in NYC. I will prepare posts about Food&Drink in detail but now I would like to mention some briefly.

HAMBURGER (of course American style) and PIZZA ( Yes, Italians dicovered Pizza, Americans created once more 🙂 And there is a ‘Chicago’s Pizza’ topic which is completely special case. This delicious case will be on Chicago posts) and of course SEAFOODS. Especially you meet OYSTER Bars almost at every corner. You can taste many delicious Seafood coming from the ocean directly to your plate. You can realize the difference between OceanFood and SeaFood in NYC.. NEW YORK STEAK is a must for NYC. Order your steak as medium not burnt.. You must eat New York CHEESECAKE as dessert of course..

/happy hours in New York/

Happy Hours is very popular at this city. Almost all cafes, restaurants and bistros are making happy hour. So what is Happy Hour? Many drinks and foods in the menu are served with 50-60% discounts at this happy hour period. Very nice..usually between 5-7 PM. Follow this period. for example as an evening drink you may pay just 5 USD for a Blue Moon or an ordinary American beer although its menu price is 10 USD. Happy hour is more popular especially at Oyster Bars. 3 USD priced oysters may be tasted for just 1 USD…


Shopping in NYC is one of the top purpose for visitors. The first address recommended is Woodbury Outlet. But it is far from the city center, you have to spend one whole day to go. One of my friends had been there and told me that it does not worth going, so I gave up this idea. I didn’t want to risk my day although I have very limited time in NYC. Instead, we enjoyed  Soho, it was very exciting. More or less, I recommend Soho and 5th Avenue for shopping.


New York nightlife is very colorful of course. After all it is a non-sleeping city.. There are many different style clubs and so many different alternatives for nightlife. A classic club or extraordinary clubs with erotic shows.. However, my first suggestion to you is going to a quality Jazz Bar. Because, as you know America is the homeland of Jazz. And your first duty in NYC nightlife must be listening this delightful musical style in its homeland from its real owners. What does tavern mean for Greece, fado for Portugal or flamenco for Spain, Jazz is that for America…I don’t know if you like jazz or not, but even if you do not like you will change your mind after a live jazz night experience… NYC’s most famous Jazz Bar is Blue Note. But we preffered to go to Smoke Jazz & Supper Club, not to live this attraction at a touristy place. We had made reservation for after-dinner performance. It is better to make a choice by looking at the program and make reservation for the best date and time that suits, and also searching the band that will play. Especially Afro-Americans are really good for Jazz. I think a good jazz is like a powerful antidepresant given to the soul and cells of the body. A source of pleasure. One more step, up to me to love jazz means to understant a good music. You can now get angry and say ‘tastes and colors are not indisputable’. But believe me, I think both of them ‘in some cases’ ma be discussed 🙂 Anyway, Jazz Club is ‘a must’. There are many cocktail bars in Manhattan, especially on the terrace of the hotels. You can watch the sun set, accompanied by views of Manhattan.


There are many touristic places to be visited in NYC, and summing up the entrance fees costs a lot..If you plan to visit more than 8 attraction, I recommend you to buy a NEW YORK PASS. This card lets you to more than 80 attraction, and also has some discounts at listed places. It is a little bit expensive, 5 day card was about 240 USD, but I may say that it is worth if you plan much visits, and also don’t want to spend hours in entrance ques. For more informaiton :

If you don’t have too much time to visit all the attractions, than I recommend you to buy NEW YORK CITYPASS, which costs less (about 114 USD). With this card you have a chance to visit 6 very popular places, skip the ticket ques, and also some discount for some attractions. For more info :


I took the photos above at Metropolitan Museum of Art. Which museums are must to visit, next posts..

NYC Buildings
New York Buildings

Look up while you are in Manhattan. Buildings try to reach sky give unique frames. Some finds these buildings unnatural and cool. Yes, maybe unnatural.. But I love these geometrical and modern lines. What is your idea? These buildings are really fabuolus when you look them from the top of the highest buildings of NYC. You can find all details on next posts.

NYC Buildings
New York Buildings
New York

Two photos below are the apartments where New Yorkers’ live. Without balcony.. I thought of Izmir citizens for a moment, where also I am. Each house has room-sized balcony in Izmir. Probably they wouldn’t live in these apartments 🙂

New York
New York

NEW YORK DIARIES begins.. Be ready to go to New York with us..


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