Louvre Part II-Sculptures

We are in Louvre. It is a very impressive, huge museum. You feel the magic at very first of you enter…Attention : You should better to have some information before you got to Louvre. Have an idea of which works to see, or you may feel as a lazy duck staying at the entrance, not knowing what to do… 🙂

We started the tour from “Sully” wing..

We are at Greek, Etrusk and Roman Works Department…

The art works are amazing..we don’t feel the time passing while looking at them, then rally in a short time..

Venus De Milo

Venus de Milo (The statue of Greek goddess Aphrodite) is one of the most famous examples of ancient Greek art.. Venus de Milo is 203 cm high and made of marble.. It was found in Milos Island of Greece in 1820. King of France Louis XVIII. has brought the statue to France.. Its creator is Alexandros of Antioch.. Venus De Milo is considered as an important representative of female beauty.


Hermes tying his sandal

Hermes.. Zeus’ son.. He is tying his famous sandals. (You those who follow fashion knows it, Hermes Sandals are famous 🙂 ) His head is looking forward as if he is listening someone? To whom? Of course, Zeus.. This work’s creator is the famous Greek sculptor Lysippos, the 4th century.

Capitoline Venus Type with Eros Riding a Dolphin

Another famous work. Venus and her son child Eros .. You can see replicas of this work in some museums of different countries.


Caryatid is a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column supporting an entablature on her head. Caryatid means “Maiden of Karyai”. These women are giant and gracious. They are created by Jean Gaujon who is one of the most important sculptor of renaissance sculpture art. The hall which contains these caryatids is known as ‘The Caryatid Gallery’ Salle des Caryatides. Just amazing.


Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss 

Eros (Cupid).. God of Love.. He symbolizes desire and love in Greek mythology. It is also discussed that he directs love by his arrows. I guess everybody knows this 🙂

According to the myth; Aphrodite is jealous of Princess Psyche’s beauty Because she is more beautiful than her and everyone is interested in Psyche. She appoints Eros for this princess to fall in love with the world’s most ugly creature. Afrodit says: Shoot this girl with your love arrows! You make her marry with a monster, I don’t want her to be a competitor. Eros is a god but Psyche is a mortal. Despite the fact Eros falls in love with Psyche. Eros admonishes her that she never see the face of him. Psyche succumbs to her curiosity and looked Eros’ face a night while sleeping to discover who he is. Eros gets angry and say; ‘Love cannot live without trust’ and goes.

Psyche tries to find Eros and begs help from Venus. Venus forced her to perform some superhuman tasks. At last, Psyche becomes an immortal.

This work depicts the final scene in the story of Cupid and Psyche. Cupid has just arrived, his wings are still raised and form an X with Psyche’s body. Circle round the sculpture and look for the points where the two bodies meet. Move closer and note the different aspects of the marble as it brings substance and material reality to the figures’ essence: the softness of the hair, the transparency of the wings, the fullness of the flesh, the roughness of the rock, the vase’s polished shape, the smoothness of the draperies..

Winged Victory of Samothrace

This marble statue is the Goddess of Victory Nike in Greek mythology from BC 3rd century. It is considered as one of the most important and finest examples of Helen period. It is thought to have impacton western artespecially sculpture. It is among the works that you should see in Louvre.


Hermaphrodite is the son of Hermes and Aphrodite. (His name comes from the combination of the names Hermes and Aphrodite). Hermaphrodite is a very nice boy. Aphrodite, entrusted him to the nymphs of Mount Ida to hide this son from everyone. Fairies grow this child in a forrest.One day while walking in the forest boy comes to a clean and beautiful lake.Because of the hot weather he takes off his clothes and enters the lake.However, this lake is dangerous and has a nymph named Salmacis. Salmacis falls in love with handsome boy who swims in her lake. She comes to Hermaphrodite and tells him about her love.But Hemaphrodit does not take her serious.Whereupon Salmacis begs Gods. She wish to be not separated from Hermaphrodite forever. Gods accept her wish and they live at the same body forever..

Athena of Velletri


A marble statue of Athena. Athena is with a helmet here. It was found near Rome..

















Flying Mercury Statue


This is the famous work ofGiambolognawho is Famous Italian-Flemish sculptor. He was very important for the Italian sculptor art and had served to Medicine Family for many years.

Mercury stands at the mouth of the Zephyr in this statue. Incredible expression of balance. Mercury is a very important god in the Roman and Greek mythology known as the messenger of God. In addition, God of travelers, chance, cheats and thieves.. Zephyr, the West Wind God and brings spring breeze. Mercury is trying to get to heaven here. The original of this statue in Florence National Museum ..


/ Heracles (Hercules) and Baby Telephus


Dancing Satyr

Satyr is a creature who loves dancing and sex, in Greek mythology .. An amazing sculpture..


Tiber is river god. He is with twins Romulus and Remus who are legendary founders of Rome. The wolf next to them is Lupe, the Wolf Goddess.  In Roman mythology, this goddess is respectful. According to legend, the black wolf had suckled Romulus and Remus.The twins are dropped in a river and Lupa gets them from the river. Then they were adopted by a family of farmers. These brothers establish the city of Rome. However, Romulus killed his brother Remus. And becomes the first khan of the city..

Are these all? Of course no.. You will see many amazing works in this part of Louvre..



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