Le Fumoir Restaurant/Georges Hotel

We went to this mysterious French with the invitation of Izmir Gourmet Guide. The gourmets from Izmir brought the air of Izmir to Istanbul and they wanted to come together with bloggers from Istanbul. What a nice they did. 🙂 Both their invitation and themselves were so warm and cozy as Izmir..

Le Fumoir is hidden in Georges Hotel. The restaurant has no even a sign. They want to be a mysterious place where just the people who know comes. There is an exquisite ambiance and view. Lighting is very pleasant, about to dark.

Beautiful chef of the restaurant Clarissa Muge Ozden had prepared a very nice menu from French cuisine for tasting. Here are the French delicacies we had the opportunity to taste at that night;

1. Onion Soup Gratinee (Soupe a l’oignon gratinee)

We started with a soup from French cuisine. I had found the opportunity to try this soup in my trip to Paris. This soup is different compared to our classic taste. Most people can say ‘heavier’ for this soup. However, this soup was really tasty. Let me explain briefly for those who are curious what the ‘gratinee’ is. Sometimes you see yellow or reddish-looking layer on the food that is fried and the food has a crispy crust. In general, these are cheese, bread crumbs. This delicious crust on food is delivered to the oven with them. Here is gratinee technique. It is nice and pleasant. 🙂

2. Salad with coriander and hot camembert and pomegranate sauce

Salads are my primary interest. Because I am from Aegean region of Turkey. I love to make unusual salads with different sauces. This salad with famous French camembert cheese is definitely yummy. Mediterranean greens with pomegranate sauce.. It was delicious!

3. Bass Tartare with Vegatables

If you talk about ‘Tartar’, Steak Tartar comes to my mind first. I can describe it basically it is raw sliced meat and raw eggs broken on it simplest expression. Some people hates it of course. But I really love if you talk about sea bass tartare or marinated sea bass 🙂 You keep the fish in lemon and the fish cooks in lemon. I do not know how Chef Muge did but it was great!

4. Smoked Salmon and Lime Slices

It was a delicious part of the menu. This Norwegian salmon were smoked with oak shavings came from England. It was great. Who could say no for smoked salmon?!

5. Foie Gras

Homemade duck liver. I refused to order Foie Gras in Paris. I tasted here. My reason to reject tasting was the process of obtaining treatment to ducks. For those who prefer a taste is extremely delicious. It was accompanied by fig jam.

6. Coq Au Vin

Here is the main plate.. Cock ham marinated with red wine and cognac. A French national dish. It was accompanied by rice. Cock was marinated in wine well so it was delicious.

7. Crispy Grilled Salmon

The other main dish of the menu. It came with asparagus-I love-, glaze fries and wine sauce with tarragon. It was crunchy shrimp and spices. Salmon may be different and intense to those familiar with smoked food. But it was just perfect.

8. Crème Brulèe

It was just delicious..

9. Mousse with Chocolate

End of the menu. It was really amazing ending.

I can say it is certain to meet delicious menu. What you order here, you will leave satisfied from this exquisite French. Thank you very much to IGG, Le Fumoir and Chef Muge for this night…


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