Kiev Part 4, Vintage Kiev

Kreschatik Street was nice.. Let’s go to the parallel street of Kreschatik..

St. Michael Monastery;

This golden-domed structure is really  spectacular. The oldest one in Kiev. Of course it had been renovated many times.. This is a typical orthodox church. You can see many nice pictures of Jesus-Mary and the apostles inside instead of benches and statues which are to be seen in a typical Catholic churches.  Here again,there is a sacrament ritual. We are watching ritual and prayers.. We are  living this spiritual atmosphere with the orthodox.

the gold domes of St.Michael

I can see St.Sophia from here. We will be there also

You will see the statue of the Cyrillic who found Cyrillic alphabet next to the cathedral. But because of Cyrillic alphabet troubles while we were in Kiev, I didn’t want to see him 🙂 The magnificent building which is standing next to the cathedral is Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We are walking towards to Andreevsky Descent from here..

Andreevsky Descent Kiev. A colorful district ♥

Here is the one of the most colorful and famous streets of Kiev. A slope. Street artists and sellers have created an exquisite views.. Colorful matryoshkas, nice and valuable staff from World War II, paintings and many more gift item can be found on this descent. This territory is a very nice neighborhood.. 

Aysam found a place which sells hot wine for me in Andreevsky discent 🙂 

if it is cold, the wine is always hot..

St.Andrew’s Church Kiev

You can see this exquisite baroque style structure on the beginning of Andrevsky  slope. I guess this is the most beautiful church in Kiev .. It is so beautiful .. Czarina 2.Katerina (Catherine the Great) had ordered by making for St.Andrew.

Follow the stairs to the church. Watch the street and Podil from here ..

St.Sophia’s Cathedral Kiev

The oldest cathedral in Kiev.. This is in the UNESCO World Heritage List as Pechersk Lavra.. This is an typical orthodox church with the same characteristics as the other churches in Kiev. I guess you have an idea about the church if you have traveled to Europe. Catholic churches is very different and more spectacular virtually. There are banks to sit in the middle inside. Jesus-Mary statues are found in. Contrary to Catholic churches, there are many pictures instead of statues in the Orthodox church. That’s typical, but of course this is a very beautiful church. Its domes made by gold as the others ..

St.Sophia’s Cathedral

Golden Gate – Zoloti Vorota

One of the symbols of Kiev ..  It is also known as Zoloti Vorota. A must see.. Golden Gate was built in 1017 and it has been used for a long time as the main entrance gate of Kiev. According to Ukranian people this structure look more beautiful while sunrise. And they believe Golden Gate and sun together, protect the city from the darkness and death. There is a museum inside. We could not get inside because it was close that time. If you want to reach here by the metro you must get off the station which has the same name as Zoloti Vorota station.

Golden Gate

Kiev is very green city contrary to other cities in Europe..Very green kiev is on the next post..


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