KIEV-KYIV♥♥ / Part 1

We are in Kiev … This is where you can observe significant Slavic culture .. Slavic culture and Stalinist atmosphere have mixed with the  delightful air of modernity and new times in here…Get ready to experience this amazing mixture…

We had a  joyful journey to Kiev. We’re landed the Boryspil Airport.  As Turkish citizens we are entering the country easily. Visa is not required for Turkish citizens. No form also. It’s cold. But sunny, beautiful .. Our hotel is in the center of the city .. We are a little surprised on the way to the hotel area. Because there is almost no sign on the street written in Latin alphabet. Time to recognize with Cyrillic alphabet 🙂 .  We’re confused.  After settling down we go off to explore the city ..

Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, has a population of nearly 3 million.. The majority of the population are women…

Let’s go together to must-see places in Kiev now… (according to distances)

Monument to Founders of Kiev

Kiev is founded by Kyi, Schek, Khoryv and their sisters Lybid about 1,500 years ago. The city have taken its name, from the elder brothers. Here we see the monument of the brothers ..

Monument to founders of Kiev

Kiev was built at the Dnieper River. Dnieper is the third largest river in Europe after  the Volga and the Danube Big River. Here we watch the river for a while.

it is cold but Aysam is happy with his t-shirt..
there is a wish tree next to the monument, no I didn’t do 🙂

Warning; In the meantime, You can see the girls who have beautiful white pigeons on their hands here and  the various parts of Kiev. They come close to you and put on you the pigeons within just a second,  try  to take photos. Then they want a lot of money. Do not allow them to come near you.

Kreshchatik Street

And here’s the most famous street in Kiev. It starts with the Freedom Square (Maidan), ends at the Arena Shopping Center. The city’s most colorful street.It is closed to vehicle traffic at weekends so it is nicer like that.

You find many nice opportunity to get a sociological observation while walking on this street. You will see that the majority of the city is amazingly beautiful women.. I’m not exaggerating, it’s cold but it doesn’t matter  for them. almost all of them wear super mini skirt and super thin stockings. And all of them have taken the “cat-walk course”. I have no doubt about that 🙂 But men are under average ..

Across the street you see Zara, Mango and all the other stores known. Block by block defined by their magnificent buildings and traces of the Stalinist-Soviet architecture.

A very interesting point, you have to pass through an underpass in order to continue on your way. I’m not saying to across, you use already underpass .. But  while you go even if a small car way, you have to use the underpass. So, you are in a situation as go down-go up, go down-go up… I think this is the reason that people are so fit there 🙂

Kreschatik Street is beautiful also at nights..

I love carousels..

Independence Square / Maidan Nezalezhnosti & Monument to Bereginia;

We arrive to Freedom Square on Kreschatik street. This is Kiev’s centre. This place hosts many concerts, passways, festivals. The area is decorated with fountains and an artificial waterfall. Here you will see a monument also. Bereginia Monument stands here with its all glory. Bereginia is a goddess of Slavic mythology. She symbolizes the freedom of Ukraine.

Bereginia Monument

People Friendship Arch-Rainbow Monument

If you continue straight after the square, you reach to the People’s Friendship Arch (Rainbow Monument). This monument has been dedicated to the brotherhood of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine. A must-see monument. It seems like a rainbow.It is illuminated at nights and becomes like a rainbow seen from Krescatik Street. 

Watch the Dnieper River from different perspective here.. Foggy. The Dnieper seems much more epic in this misty air..

Rainbow Arch from Kreschatik at night..

There are so many places to see in Kiev.. Unique Pechersk Lavra Monastery is the next post..



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