Isabel Marant for H&M

I was in the launch of Isabel Marant collection for H&M. We went to the party which is at Zorlu Center with my friend..

There was a really long queue in front of the door. But we’re able to enter without waiting, thanks to our vip invitation.. 

The opens were opened soon. I didn’t remember clearly from now onward 🙂 People acted like a hunter. I couldn’t stand to ask myself “Where am I?”..

here is the note which is responsible for the all crush 🙂

Talk about the collection;

Isabel Marant has present the bohemian lines as usual and the modern cuts with highly successful. Vintage effect on the recent period is undeniable. Fashion, home decoration and actually everything are under the this great effect. This is reflected in the Marant’s collection very successfully.

Party notes;

Service, lighting, security, and the music were successful .. The only thing bothers me is the surfeit of the consumer’s behavior.. 

Many thanks to ELLE and H&M Turkey for the event..


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