Havana’s Secret Face: CENTRO HABANA

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We walked through the beautiful streets of Havana, the streets everybody talking about, photographed by every visitor, old but full of memories, houses resisting ages… We have seen it all. Now, are you ready to travel in the non-touristy, just Cubans living part of Havana..? So back streets of Havana …! Then let’s go..! I’m taking you to Centro Habana..


Capitolio is one of the most important building in Havana.. Under construction for many years and no allowed to enter. But its presence on the main street is amazing..



You will love this building which is very close to Capitolio.. Especially if you are an architecture lover.. Great Theatre surely suits well with Paseo Del Prado.. By the way, Paseo Del Prado is the street which is middle of La Habana Vieja and Habana Centro.. This is street which Chanel Fashion Show was held also. So it is famous 🙂

Gran Teatro De La Habana Gran Teatro De La Habana
Havana Great Theatre Havana Great Theatre

Come on, let’s get lost in Habana Centro……

Habana Centro Cuba

Centro Habana Centro Habana


Centro Habana Centro Habana

The first question that comes your mind at the first moments of the back streets is ‘Is this area safe?!’ Here is my answer; not unsafe at all…

You can face some Cubans who try to sell something. Pay them no nevermind.. They are not dangerous..  Just pretend as if they are not there. They go ..

Havana CubaHavana CubaHabana Centro

houses… memories…

I was very impressed by the houses full of memories in Habana Centro and I loved them much.. They are old but wise  houses and carry the beauty of ‘old’ …

Havana CubaHabana CentroHavana Kuba

We used to see many old-antiquie car in Havana and we have had a Havana tour with a red one. ( I had told our Havana tour with an old car and post a video also here.. ) We also used to see Coco taxis. But here, we don’t see old cars or coco taxi so frequently. It is obvious that the locals use Bici taxies as public transport…

bici taxi Havanabici taxi Havana

As you see, Habana Cento is a different from the other region of Havana… So local and so beautiful…

Habana CentroHabana CentroBici taxi HavanaCubansHabana CentroCapitolioHabana Centro


Did you watch my Habana Centro video….??? 


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