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We will breath fresh ocean in our new day in Havana. Our stop points are Morro Castle and Malecon..


This is a fortress built by the Spanish to protect Havana from attacks. Havana is quite open to attacks because of its location. Morro Castle has a period of history under British control but later Morro’s control has passed to Spaniards again.  You can watch Havana and Malecon as panoramic from the castle. The city looks really awesome ..

Morro Castle HavanaMorro Kalesi HavanaMorro Castle

You can see a little cute bazaar in the entrance of Morro Castle. I love cute local things or something like that can be found these bazaars like this one.

Morro Castle HavanaMorro Castle Cuba Morro Castle Havana Morro Castle Havana

We are almost to enter the castle, but wait.. not now..

As at each point in all over Havana, there are street salsa musicians at the entrance of Morro Castle. They are very funny and they raise your energy up immediately.

Cuba salsa Cuba street salsa

I LOVED the energies of these salsa dancers… If you want to watch them go to our Havana Video..

Time to go inside 🙂

Morro Castle

I think the best part of Morro Castle is Havana’s panoramic view.. There is no any important point inside. There is a little and dark tunnel. My photos are not clear because of darkness. So I cannot put them on here.

PINA COLADA break @morrocastle

There is one more point not to miss when you come to Morro Castle.
You will see a little stand that sells Pina Colada (famous Cuban cocktail). Taste this delicious drink for just 5 CUC. The main difference from those we drink in our country is Pina Colada is made by real Coconut and Coconut Milk, not with coconut flavors like ours. They cut the coconut and smash it in blender in front of you, add the coconut juice, then give you the Rum bottle to add alcohol how much you prefer. There is nothing more than Rum in Cuba.

pina colada

Our Pina Colada was made by this beautiful Cuban girl.

Rom Küba

You add Rum yourself to Pina Colada. Stretching it is free 🙂 So Aysam really stretchs it… No problem. Here, drinking rum starts from the morning. And we say cARpe DiEm 🙂 There is no other Havana, right??
We are leaving Morro Castle under the burning sun, a little bit dizzy because of the extra Rummed Pina Colada (or maybe because of the beauty of Havana). We are going to Malecon..There is an important structure to see…

Havana Cuba Havana Cuba


The Malecon is the esplanade along the coast in Havana. Just next on the ocean. Very nice for walking.  Cubans are gathered and socialized here. So Malecon is a nice way for meeting other people. Because there is no internet in Cuba. They socialized in reel-line not on-line..

The most important work we saw in Malecon is the statue of Ataturk who was the founder of the Republic of Turkey. We got excited and we were happy to see a sign related to him in the far side of the world. Cubans loves revolution idea and revolutionary leaders. Even, it is told that Che had Ataturk’s Nutuk, the book of big speech of Ataturk, on his bag when he died. I have no clear information about that, but it is clear that Che was a Ataturk fan.

Atatürk Havana

Atatürk Küba

Havana will continue..


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