We were so excited for our Cuba trip and now we are in CUBA!

We begin our trip from the capital Havana. Havana is not the largest city in Cuba only, also in Caribbean.

Havana is divided into 3 regions. La Habana Vieja (Old Havana), Centro Habana (Central Havana) and Vedado. We will spend most of our time in Vieja and Centro regions. Vedado is the modern part of Havana.

We start our trip from La Habana Vieja. It was established in 1519 as a Spanish colony. Old Havana is in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1982. Let’s start..


Our starting point is the Plaza de la Catedral (Cathedral Square). This is one of the 5 largest square in Havana.

Plaza De La Cathedral Plaza De La Cathedral

The cathedral in the square (The Cathedral of Havana) is one the of 11 cathedrals in Cuba. Baroque style. Talking about the cathedrals, let me mention just a bit about religion in Cuba, and their beliefs. Contrary to most known information Cubans are not atheists. Their religion is Santeria which is a pagan religion. A kind of Voodoo religion. You know they have black magic and something like that 🙂  So the Cubans don’t go to the churchs often. That’s why there is no active church. As I already said, there are just 11 cathedrals in Cuba. The bell does not ring in this church. It is just like architectural construction. Freemasonry is also very common in Cuba.

Havana Cathedral
Havana Cathedral

Plaza De La Cathedral is really beautiful..

Plaza De La Cathedral Habana Plaza De La Cathedral Habana

La HabanaHavana Cuba

We spend some time in the square and start to explore Havana streets.

Havana Streets
Havana Streets

Havana Streets

mojito’s birthplace: LA BODEGUITA DEL MEDIO 

We enter a street and vola! We are in front of the La Bodeguita del Medio. This famous place was patronized by many famous names such as  Pablo Neruda, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nat King Cole.. This special place is also known to be the birth place of Mojito which is the world-famous Cuban cocktail. Original Cuban mojitos were really yummy..

La Bodeguita Del Medio
La Bodeguita Del Medio

After the cold mojito break we continue on our way to discover..


Plaza Vieja is my favourite square in Havana. Yes touristy but lively, dynamic and funny. It is very enjoyable to watch people while drinking your beer.

Plaza Veija Havana
Plaza Veija Havana
Plaza Vieja Havana Plaza Vieja Havana

We stopped at the Beer Factory for a break. I though of how would native life be in Cuba as a Cuban instead of a tourist while supping my cold beer.

Beer Factory HavanaCubanHavana

mornings-evenings in Havana
mornings-evenings in Havana


Havana’s most famous street.. And of course the most crowded and lively road.. Despite Cuban sun which tried to enter my skin through the long-sleeved shirt I wore we walked and walked..

Obispo Havana
Obispo Havana Obispo Havana



We reached to the Plaza de Armas. This is a pleasant area that contains bookstores and cafes. As I mentioned in my previous post, books and reading is very important in Cuba. Cubans have to be well cultured because ignorance is forbidden in Cuba. (Yes, it is really forbidden) There are many extraordinary prohibition in Cuba like that. To beg for something that is already a right, kneel down in front of somebody, to loose freedom…. They are also forbidden in Cuba. (Do you now agree with me about how Cuba is really interesting and amazing country?)

Plaza De ArmasChe GuevaraYou may come across many memorials related to Che, everywhere in Cuba. He is Cuban’s number one, their romantic revolutionary… Cuba once more led me to read books about this special man and learn every details of his life..

La HabanaIgnorance is forbidden in Cuba. This is the most beautiful prohibition in the world ever.. Do you think the same?

Our 1st day is over in Havana.. There are many places to see and many things to do.. For example, a Havana tour with an old car from 1950’s.. This sounds really good 🙂 And I am already in old Havana mood 🙂 Wait for next posts and video..



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