Happy New Year!

And.. at last the end of  a year..

In 2013, we lost some of our dear artists in Turkey.  Unfortunately we have faced some distressing happenings in Turkey. However , 2013 was a good year for my private life. I said goodbye to my very favorite bachelorette and I started to new life with forever love”.. Another important thing was to realize my blog project  .. It was one of my dreams to share our experiences about life and travel with you.. get inspired and give inspiration. Finally, our blog was born, growing up day by day .. Of course I hope it will get more common with your support .. On the other hand I continue to write for haber3.com as a columnist .. So, 2013 was good for me. I hope you also can al least say “good” for your 2013.

We have made the first celebrations of the new year with our company staff. The party was soooo amazing ..

Bir geceyi kusursuz kılan en önemli unsurlardan biridir müzik.. Ve işte gecedeki müzik bizi ve ruhumuzu uçurdu.. Yurt dışından Türkiye’ye parti için gelen Carlene Graham‘ dı geceyi uçuran.. (Hemen buraya tıkayıp dinlemeye başlayın.. Şimdi..)

Pop, jazz, rock ‘n roll…Amazing music, perfect voice, unbelievable energy.. It was really nice to come back to 80’s and the memories with “Sweet Dreams”, to catch a breath with “Babe, I got you babe”.. to dance crazy with the “Hit The Road Jack” .. It was so an incriedible, incomparable and beautiful night ..

Carlene Graham
Errol Ross

New year means new hopes .. Maybe it is the best thing to be hopeful and dreamfull.. This is the fact that keeps people fresh …

 I wish your hopes never ends in new year.. Be very happy and lucky.. 


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