Happy Birthday Mornings&Evenings..!

Time goes by so fast. I remember as if yesterday.. 


The blog project just was a dream on my mind. I used to ask myself  ‘How will I do?’ My blog dream came true and now it is 1 year old! ‘Time goes by so fast’ seems like a cliche but this is an awful reality actually. Unfortunately we do not give enough attention to these words. We pretend it as really ‘cliche’ . If we would have given the importance it deserves, we would become less angry, less worry for life and would have spent our todays perhaps more consciously and wisely ..

One day we’ll wake up and find ourselves 70 years old. (Of course, if we live so long .. with health..) That day, when we look in the mirror, everthing will be serious. ‘Time goes by so fast’ .. After these words if we can smile when we look back to our past, then we will understand that we had made a wise business ..

I hope the time always goes very well with hope and happiness for all of us.. And I hope this blog will be filled by many more beautiful travel memories and grow up..

And now I thank you so much for reading these words and being here. Please continue to follow and be a part of this blog..

PS: You have a special gift for the 1st birthday 🙂 .. Wait for the next post for the details.. 






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