Halat Restaurant by Divan

I could visit this restaurant finally. It is in Rahmi Koc Museum. This is very quiet and nice restaurant. Halat Restaurant is the place you should go especially when you visit Rahmi Koc Museum.

The place is quiet and calm. Just seaside. Fenerbahce ferry stands your right. Seagulls are chirping. They are your friends while you are eating or drinking your coffee. Sea air is fresh and makes you relax. The ambiance is really nice.



Let’s talk about the tastes and the prices;

This is a really gurme restaurant with its cold&hot starters. Here are some starters and rates at first glance;

Salmon Gravlax (27 tl), beef carpaccio (29 tl), crusty shrimp with sweet pastry (39 tl), octopus stew (34 tl), asparagus gratin (34 tl).

Salads, between 18-28 tl.

Fish grill, 40-60 tl and meat grill 30-65 tl.

Desserts, approximately 16 tl.

We ordered salmon carpaccio as starter. It was served with green salad and foccaccio (A kind of Italian bread) As the one already loves salmon very much, I really enjoyed this presentation and the taste of course.

salmon carpaccio
Our main plate is Braised Beef. It was served with mashed potatoes, fresh vegetable and sauce. I can say that the meat is one of the best meat I have eaten ever. It was so yummy.

braised beef

We ordered panna cotta as dessert. It was served with fruit crusty and raspberry sauce.

panna cotta
Time to coffee..


The service is also fine at the place. Everything was nice, but above all you have your meal just by the sea with magnificient scene, fresh air and mewing seagulls.

If you are at Rahmi Koç Museum, if no chance for a meal, you should have a stop at least for a cup of coffee at this place.



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