Gamla Stan Stockholm Part2

I said we will get lost in Gamla Stan’s streets. I am absolutely delighted to get lost in the streets of European cities. If those streets look old and narrow I am happier.. They are source of joy for me.

Gamla Stan Mornings Evenings
Gamla Stan Streets



Here’s one of Stockholm’s most iconic buildings. This magnificent building with its three gold crown in its tower was built in 1923. Just next to Malaren Lake. Exactly 8 million red bricks were used on the outer surface. The use of bricks is very common in Scandinavian countries.

We spend some time outside the Stockholm City Hall and take lots of photos.

Stockholm City Hall
Stadshuset Stockholm

Stadshuset Tower

Stadshuset Tower

Stockholm City Hall tower is 106 meters. It can be reached by elevator or by 365 step ladder. You can watch Stockholm from the top. There was also a museum on the tower. We did not enter.

Stadshuset Three Crowns (The Cronor)

Stadshuset Three Crowns (The Cronor)

You will see 3 crown figures on the top of the tower. This is the national emblem of Sweden.

And we’re entering Stadshuset. You need to join the group 10 persons. I will note details below.

Stadshuset Blue Hall

We are in the Blue Hall. But the hall is not blue 🙂 Architect Ragnar Östberg thought of making the hall blue first, but finally gave up. The concept of the salon has changed but the name has remained blue.

The most important feature of the Blue Hall is that every year on 10th of December, the Nobel Prize is given here. It is a great prestige to be one of persons attending this invitation. It’s really cool 🙂

Stadshuset Golden Hall

Another highlight of the Stadshuset is the Golden Hall. After the Nobel Dinner in the Blue Hall, the invitees used to go to the Golden Hall and danced here. The lounge is very splendid. There are over 18 million mosaics. These magnificent mosaics, of course, have different meanings. In the main figure, Stockholm is portrayed as a goddess. On the right and left, western and eastern world tried to be explained.

Stockholm is portrayed as a Goddess

Stadshuset entrance fee: Adult: 110 SEK / Senior ( Over 65 years old) and student (with a student card): 90 SEK / 12-19 years old: 50 SEK.  / 0-11 years old:  Free   /  From November to March these prices can be cheaper about SEK 20.

Private tours start at SEK 800, depending on the season and the number of people in the group. Reservation for private tour is a must. No booking is required for group tours.

We leave Stadshuset.. I think there is a church out there..


This is a graveyard church belonging to the Royal Family. Close to the Royal Palace. The church was built in 1200. Awfully nice.

so nice…

Riddarholmen visiting hours: Riddarholmen is open from May to December. 10.00-17.00. From October 16.00. / Check the current Schedule by clicking here.

Riddarholmen entry fee: 50 SEK    70-17 years old: 25 SEK Guided tour is free with Stockholm Pass 

amazing Riddarholmen and Gamla Stan

RIDDARHUSET (House of Nobility)

This building is Sweden’s House of Lords (Riddarhuset). In the Middle Ages, when Sweden had only one Knight,  House of Lords was founded and aimed to live up to a traditions from the Middle Ages to today. So this is a private community.

The building is very nice in architecture. Because the architecture is French, the effects of the French architecture are heavy. If you have time, you can walk around the building’s garden. Entrance is free.

After reviewing this beautiful building and photographing it we keep on our way..


Don’t say ‘no more church’.. 😀 Because this one is cool too..

German church was built by Germans in the middle ages.


It was a little hard to find this museum. Because the entrance is just below the Norrbro Bridge (North Bridge-North Bridge) 😀 So up to the map you are at the point where the museum is located, but there is no museum! Because you have to go down with the stairs and enter the museum under the bridge 🙂  Norrbro is Stockholm’s oldest stone bridge, by the way.

In the Medieval Museum you will see Stockholmens in the Middle Ages. A nice museum.

Entry to the Medieval Museum is free.

Except for special occasions, it is open every day except Mondays. Visiting hours; 12 to 17.

Metro: Get off at Kungsträdgården or Gamla Stan station and walk.. Under the Norrbro Bridge in Strömparterren Park..

Medieval Museum
Medieval Museum
Stockholm Medieval Museum


Gamla Stan is at a walking distance from the Freys Hotel we stayed. As we walked to Gamla Stan we saw the Swedish Parliament Building. There is an interesting architecture in the form of a half circle. We keep walking.

I loved Gamla Stan… Hope you loved too..

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