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When you look at the Stockholm’s map you will see that the city is divided into ‘islands’. So these islands connected by bridges form Stockholm. Here Gamla Stan is one of these islands in Stockholm, and probably the oldest, the most delightful one.. You can see the signs of all the Scandinavian architecture of the Middle Ages in this region. There are also many small islands very close to Gamla Stan. In this post I will be talking about Gamla Stan and the most important places you must visit. In the next posts we will talk about other islands and places near Gamla Stan. I don’t want to skip anywhere 🙂

Gamla Stan means Old Town. Gamla Stan is a nostalgic area where you will love to get lost in the streets and you will not stand without taking photo even in a minute. You will also see major buildings in Gamla Stan. It is very enjoyable to discover Gamla Stan by consciously paying attention to where you are going and visiting. Let’s go together.. Come on..

STORTORGET (The Big Square)


Here those houses! Those very beautiful colorful houses that come to our screen when we search “Stockholm Gamla Stan” in St.Google,! We are in the square that host those lovely houses. How beautiful is this square with its iconic houses, cafés! Those houses are like cookies 🙂 We spend some time here.


Stortorget Stortorget
Stortorget Gamla Stan Stortorget Gamla Stan

Most of these buildings were built in 16th century. Houses with numbers 18 and 22 can be the most beautiful ones. 🙂 These are especially worth attention.

Number 18 and 22 

NOBEL MUSEET (Nobel Museum)

In Stortorgette, turn your back to those iconic houses and look at your left side! Here is the Nobel Museum. This is a museum where the Nobel Prize laureate Alfred Nobel’s life and information about Nobel laureates are presented. We did not enter the Nobel Museum because it is so encyclopaedic to us. Instead we discover Gamla Stan streets. Maybe we’ll give a coffee break and observe Stockholmers..

Metro: Gamla Stan / Nobel Museum Entry Fee: Free with Stockholm Pass, Normal fee 120 SEK

Nobel Museum Visiting Hours: Open between 11.00-17.00, Monday’s closed.

Check newest informations by clicking here.

Nobel Museum


Other name is Stockholm Palace. The palace is on Stadsholmen Island where Gamla Stan is on.

This palace is the official residence of the King of Sweden and the main royal palace. Made in Italian baroque style. There are very important authorities and work offices here, representational of course. You can see the royal memories of past centuries in the sections open to visitors. There are magnificent rooms (the palace has a total of more than 600 rooms – of course you can not visit them all), great ceremony tables, giant candlesticks, tables belonging to royal members, spectacular thrones, etc. There are several museums in the palace. In particular, Treasury Department is so worth to visit. Royal crowns, swords, accessories used in royal weddings were exhibited. To see how different the Scandinavian style is, visit this section as well.

Stockholm Palace
Aysam Akses

I don’t know Sweden King but there is an amazing King I know well.. 🙂  (Look at the right photo above)

Stockholm Architecture
Kunglia Slottet
Stockholm Travel
Stockholm Sarayı
Kunglia Slottet Stockholm
Stockholm Palace

Could you live among all these glorious things??

“A Cinderella Story at Stockholm Palace”

The Stockholm Palace is still being used by the Swedish Royal Family, as I have mentioned above. In the recent past a Cinderella story has become a reality in this palace! Swedish Prince Carl Philip got married Sofia Hellqvist who is a former model, in this palace in splendor. Sofia wasn’t a noble but she got married in this palace, and the news channels announced this as Cinderella’s Story! 🙂

Metro: Gamla Stan / The Stockholm Palace Entry Fee:  Free with Stockholm Pass, normal fee 160 SEK. For online ticket click here.

The Stockholm Palace Visiting Hours: Open between 10.00-16.00, Monday’s closed. Sometimes the palace can be closed because of the King’s special receptions. So check again by clicking here.

Stockholm Cathedral

We are going out from the palace and right next to the Royal Palace, Storkykan is an important cathedral for Stockholm. The official name is St.Nicholas Cathedral and was built in 1279. The ‘brick gothic ’ style.. Brick gothic is an architectural style seen especially in northern countries. We are also visiting this cathedral. Storkyran is simplier and less specific than the glorious Catholic churches we have seen in other cities of Europe.

Metro: Gamla Stan / Storkrykan Entry Fee: Free with Stockholm Pass, normal fee 60 SEK


There are a lot of places to visit in Gamla Stan. We didn’t get lost in Gamla Stan’s streets yet. But we will.. 🙂

On the next post..

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