Freys Hotel


You are going to Stockholm which is the heart of Sweden. And you are looking for a hotel for your accommodation.

You are looking for a hotel that is centrally located, nice, have a good breakfast and with a good price..

If you say so, I offer you a hotel in Stockholm that provides all of these.. FREYS HOTEL..

Freys Hotel Stockholm

This hotel is just 2 minutes walk Central Station, where you just use one train to and from Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and 10 minutes walk to the city center. Absolutely check Freys.

The entrance of the hotel, rooms are really nice with a boutique atmosphere ..

Freys Hotel Stockholm

Freys Hotel Stockholm

The rooms are so cute..

Freys HotelFreys HotelFreys Hotel Stockholm

A Belgian in Stockholm.. BELGOBAREN Restaurant..

An important point at the Freys Hotel is the Belgian restaurant, Belgobaren, which is right at the entrance of Freys.. This is a real Belgian pub and a very pleasant place to enjoy countless Belgian beers of different tastes and special presentations. There are 300 different kinds of beer. Do ask your waiter before ordering your beer. He will find out your prefers, your type of choice and offer a beer due that direction. Belgaboren is full in the evenings. Making a reservation is beneficial. My indispensable in Europe, mussels-beer duo here again lived their love … It was definitely a very enjoyable evening.

Belgobaren StockholmFreys Hotel StockholmOld StockholmFreys HotelFreys Hotel Sweden

If you stay Freys Hotel, give me your opinions… Have a nice holiday in Stockholm… 🙂


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