Delicious Venice ♦ / Leziz Venedik ♦


We ate pizza, lasagna and steak in Florence and Pisa side of the Tuscany. So what to eat and drink in venice? Definitely seafood menus should be preferred. Because Venice is very rich in this regard. We did so, and come to Ai Leoncini Restaurant. This place is very close to Piazza San Marco. The restaurant has a chic decor and the waiters from Dubai :) We discovered that this place is a good choice after we’ve tasted the delights. We choose something different from the menu to taste all different tastes. They are all definitely great ..

Mussels come first .. Accompanied by Chianti, of course .. Mussels are coming in boiling water .. Delicious ..

mussels are delicious..

I prefer pasta with cuttlefish black sauce. :) Its view  is interesting, its taste is not light but nice. Should be try .. (Please note; Don’t laugh while eating this pasta. You can be fun of the day :) )

The restaurant menu with prices can be found here. Ask for some suggestions what to eat, to the waiters. 

As a special and aperitif drink you must try Venetian Spritz. Very nice and light. Can be taken before or after your meal, but not with the plate. Food should be accompanied by the wines..


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