Christmas Decorations

Christmas is coming.. I am excited for a new year already 🙂 

A new year means new and fresh hopes, new excitements.. We must meet the new year with the nice mood and morale! Our life is so stressful and sometimes so frustrating that we should not miss any opportunity for a little enthusiasm and small happiness.. Christmas and entering into a new year is a very nice excuse to be happy. Streets  and shopping malls began to be dressed up for the new year. They give positive energy.. We start to do some changes at our home for the Christmas decoration.  Our Christmas tree is already at our living room with its all beauty and lights.. 

I recommend some nice places below for your Christmas preparations and inspirations. 


Is there anyone doesn’t know Euroflora if you are live in Istanbul? If yes, let him/his discover this place immediately.. This is a really crazy place. Many Christmas stuff, small and happy things are all here .. 🙂 Colorful boxes, objects for garden decoration, stuff for the babies ( like babyshower) or the party stuff for the child-adult… You will find everything in Euroflora. So they are with very affordable price .. Very reasonable prices but excluding the pine trees.. I think trees are expensive. (For the most affordable pine trees, see: IKEA)


Another address for the Christmas decorations is Boyner Home. You can find many exquisite objects which are change the air at your home. 


You must visit Mudo for something different for the Christmas decorations. I think their christmas tree designs are not so successful but I liked tree ornaments.


Ikea is a must for this list. You can find the yummy stuff there for the Christmas decorations. As always, I love it.. I love Ikea’s Scandinavian style. Plain, simple and comfortable.. Our motto is : ‘Simple is the best ‘..

I recommend you to visit Ikea, especially for Christmas pines. Because the prices are affordable compared to other places.

* Latest photo is taken from Marie Claire Maison.

I will be sharing our Christmas tree on the next posts 🙂


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