Bodrum Castle

If you are in Bodrum you have to visit The Bodrum Castle and The Museum of Underwater Archaeology which is inside the castle. 


Bodrum Castle was built by Knights of St.John (Rhodes or Knights of Malta) (The construction of the castle began in 1406). The castle built on a peninsula surrounded by sea on three sides and connected to the mainland through north side. This castle is one of  the symbol of Bodrum. Let’s start to discover the castle…


Amphora Park

You can see an amphora park just on the  left of the main entrance of the  museum. These amphoras had holded wine, cereals, olive oil in ancient times. They gave me beautiful frames.

And now let’s see the towers of the castle..

Bodrum Castle Towers

  • French Tower (The Embroidery Tower): This tower is the tallest one in the castle. According to a story, the daughter of a castle commander embroider in the tower. So that is why this castle has another name as  “embroider”.
  • Italian Tower: This tower is near the French Tower. There are many armies belong to Italian commander of the castle.
  • German Tower: Knights of Germany are not so crowded as others in the castle. According to some info, this tower was used as hospital.
  • Spanish Tower (The Snake Tower): The oldest tower of the castle. There is a snake army at the door. The snake shape was related to medicine especially at the ancient times. So according to some ideas,  this tower was used as hospital. There is a collection of amphoras downstairs of this tower.
  • English Tower (The Lion Tower): I loved this tower. It was renovated. There are many English and Crusade armies inside. Also Seljuq and Ottoman banners, St.John’s armies and flags, Christian and Turkish flags.. I really loved this tower. Most probably you will feel yourself as in the middle ages. 🙂
Italian Tower

English Tower

Museum of Underwater Archaeology

This museum is inside the castle. You must visit it. It is the biggest museum devoted to underwater archaeology.

Uluburun ShipWreck Hall

Uluburun shipwreck was found in 1982. It is  also called glass sunken ship because the ship had carried a wide variety of glassware and tons of broken glass. Archaeologists surprised because of richness jewelry and objects on board. You can see a replica of the ship’s hull in the hall. You can also see amphoras that believed to carry food and drink of crew’s. First they thought this was a Muslim ship because of Islamic money and goods found on board. But later they changed their ideas because of some pig bones and staff belonged to Christian Saints. And they finally decided this is a christian ship which carried Islamic glass staff.

Uluburun Shipwreck

Glass Hall

Glass Hall is just across the Uluburun ShipWreck hall. Made of glass objects belong to ancient times are presented here. And of course glasses from Uluburun ShipWreck ..

The Carian Princess Hall

Carian Princess is also known as Queen Ada. According to an info she was the spiritual mother of Alexander the Great. She had  governed Caria near Mugla. Her tomb was found during an excavation in 1989. The tomb was opened by the experts from Bodrum Underwater Museum. Her skeleton found in pretty good condition. So Carian Princess’ sarcophagus, skeleton and revitalized facial appearance is present in the Carian Princess Hall.. Must see..

From the Carian Princess Hall

The Dungeon-Torture Chambers

You can reach this section with narrow stairs.  There is a prisoner inside and a guardian. You will feel yourself in the middle ages  for a moment 🙂 .

Notes from Bodrum Castle:

  • Entrance fee : 25 TL. So get Museum Card. You can enter some other museum in Turkey during 1 year period.
  • Visiting hours: Except Monday between 08 am-7 pm. (Some sections are closed  between 12 am-1 pm)
  • You can choose Long Tour or Short Tour in the entrance of castle.
  • I hope you have a good condition, because castle stairs are extremely steep :).  I wondered how soldiers had ran out with their chain armor once upon a time 🙂
  • Do not forget to visit the boutique at the exit of the castle. You will find high quality and unique objects.

***** And last thing: The Bodrum view from the castle is amazing! Watch the blue sea of Bodrum and get lost there.. This will be a therapy for your soul.. Of course take photos..


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