Times Square

Times Square, located in Midtown district of Manhattan, is for sure ‘the most famous square of the world’. Its formerly name is Longacre Square. The New York Times moved here in April of 1904 and the name of the square changed as Times Square in honor of NYC Times’ moving. Moreover, the famous firework shows which are held every new year celebrations of this square began with this important moving also and later became traditional.

Times Square is famous also for its ‘Times Square Ball’ besides the fireworks. Millions of people gather here for New Year celebration and wait the descend of this famous illuminated drop ball from the top of One Times Square Building breathless. This huge ball is hung down at 11.59 pm. It stays hanging  60 seconds and brings a new year.. Millions make the countdown to final seconds of the year, celebrate the beginning of a new year and hold wishes for dreams accompanied by this giant lighted ball.

This ceremony was organized for the first time in 1907 by Adolp Ochs who was founder of the New York Times. Then it became a tradition.

Times Square
Times Meydanı

Times Square is the world’s second most visited tourist attraction. Guess the first?? Las Vegas Strip ..

Square is visited by 330 thousand pedestrian daily. As of 2013 the number of visitors are more than the total visitors of all Disneylands.

Aysam @Times Square
Times Meydanı
Times Square
Times Square

Square is very colorful. Most probably this is the most colorful square. Each side is full of neon lights and colorful giant bilboards. As of February 2011 square became non-smoking! Did you say ‘It is just open air, how the smoking ban?’ Smoking is prohibited in U.S.’s most areas of open space, for example, in the parks or playgrounds of Chicago. This must be the most beautiful ban for those who are non-smokers. But smokers count this decision as an intervention to their individual rights. This topic is highly personal and controversial 🙂

Naked Cowboy
Times Square

Times Square

Fake Lady Liberty and famous naked cowboy of the square..

And of course Times Square is very popular for Hollywood. Many Hollywood movies were filmed here. Times was destroyed many times because of the Tusinami on The Deep Impact, terror of Godzilla, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 🙂

Red Stairs

Times Square also has famous RED STAIRS. Who knows how many thousands of people sit on these steps and watch the square, make conversations, and share their New York observations..

There is TKTS Box Office just at the bottom of the stairs, where you can get Broadway show tickets almost half price. Check this point if you want to go to a Broadway musical.

red stairs of Times
red stairs
red stairs of Times Square

Broadway-Theatre District

Another area you should give attention around the Times. It is already impossible to miss. Because the current performance is published by giant billboards. The Phantom of the Opera is on stage almost everytime. This is a really fabulous musical. We watched it in Istanbul. (It is not the same performance, but whatever) That’s why we wanted to watch Les Misérables. But unfortunately we could not fit it to our schedule. I hope to watch on our next visit to NYC. If you have time, go to a Broadway show. It is important. Get your ticket before you go if possible. You can ask tickets from the box office at the bottom of the red stairs I mentioned above. Check Broadway’s official website for details.

I said this place is very colorful..                                                                               

Madison Square Garden

We continue to discover Times Square and around.

They say “the world’s most famous arena”for this sports complex. 12 blocks away from Times.

MSG received its name from James Madison who was the fourth President of US. After his death, his name was given to this arena. NY Knicks is as the owner of this place, playing all the matches here. And of course the other matches of NBA..

As well as basketball and ice hockey matches, the concerts also are held here. Giving a concert here means reaching the peak of his/her career for a singer and considered big honor.

Many famous singers such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Billy Joel have given concerts at this venue and reached the honor. Billy Joel has given concerts here exactly 12 times. So he is the owner of the banner No. 12 in the hall. John Lennon also gave his last concert here..

Sir Elton John (he is a sir, you know) is the owner of concert record here. Elton John had said hello to the age of 60 in one of the concert on March, 25, 2007 (Elton 60) So he is the owner of the banner number 60 in the hall.

Visit this important venue where Michael Jordan and NBA had played and world-famous star sang their most beautiful songs if you are around the Times Square. Even if you have time, get tickets for that day’s performance and watch it.. The current program schedule can be found here.

Times Square is very much alive. Crowded. And too touristy. You know, what is the bad side of this square for me? It made me feel very small in the World more than everyday. It made me face this truth once more..

You can watch what’s going on right now in Times Square live clicking by here and here.


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