An Opera Night in Kiev

We would like to watch opera or ballet in one of Kiev’s evenings. There is the famous opera “La Traviata” of Verdi in the schedule.

We are getting tickets. But it is not easy to get tickets from the ticket office. Officers cannot speak English..  and it is impossible to understand each other 🙂  I must say they are not so friendly. Luckily we meet a Turkish guy who speaks Russian and thanks to the Turkish friend  to take tickets for the category we prefer.

It can be hard to meet someone to help you. So I recommend to buy your ticket online by clicking here.. You can select the desired category and seats. Prices are quite reasonable. From 30 to 400 UAH. (€ 4-30.) Necessarily spend the one of your nights in Kiev here by watching opera or the ballet. Like or hate  but do that.

We come to the opera house to watch the performance in the evening. There is a huge crowd outside, in the queue to watch Verdi’s famous opera. I wish one day I can see the same interest and the intellectual level to be higher in our country.. Inside of the opera house is very beautiful as the outside. Extremely splendid decoration, huge chandeliers, the walls decorated with gold leaf, and the glory of the classic …

National Opera of Ukraine

And La Traviata by Verdi.. Artists have extremely high-level performance. The acoustics of the hall is excellent. The language is Italian. However, we had collected some info about the story so we’ve flew into the composition easily. 

Verdi-La Traviata

After 3.5 hours of performance we are satisfied.. But I decided to continue my art love on the other branches, not at the opera  🙂 But once more I advice you to create a time and go. The interest on the opera is so much that. You can feel as if you are on a day of the first showing of a very famous movie. I believe it would be a pleasant experience.  The ballet can be your first choice if possible.

There is no certain dress code for entry to the Opera.  Some people had dressed very stylish and some wears casual as everyday. However, you shouldn’t go with jeans.

You can see at a glance La Traviata by clicking here..


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