Casa Mila-La Pedrera


When you say ‘Barcelona’, crazy architect Gaudi comes to mind first, and when you say ‘Gaudi’, no doubt, La Sagrada Familia (Unfinished Church), Casa Batllo (House of Bones)  and of course Casa Mila appears in mind. Casa Mila or commonly known as La Pedrera (Stone Quarry). She is one of Gaudi’s most beautiful and unusual buildings and gifts to Barcelona.. She has an amazing view looking from outside. The exterior look of the building is a reflection of Gaudí’s extraordinary perspective of modernism. This crazy architect made his artistic fantasies true also on this building. Now I would like to give more information about Casa Mila..

La Pedrera means Stone Quarry.. The building faced some amazements because of its unusual architect style which was beyond limits and has been likened to a stone quarry. Paris’ iron lady Eiffel also had faced big opposition at the beginning of its construction. Just like that..


  • exterior view of Casa Mila-La Pedrera

    exterior view of Casa Mila-La Pedrera

  • exterior view of Casa Mila-La Pedrera

    exterior view of Casa Mila-La Pedrera

  • exterior view of Casa Mila-La Pedrera

    exterior view of Casa Mila-La Pedrera

  • balcony of Casa Mila La Pedrera

    balcony of Casa Mila La Pedrera

  • exterior view of Casa Mila-La Pedrera
  • exterior view of Casa Mila-La Pedrera
  • exterior view of Casa Mila-La Pedrera
  • balcony of Casa Mila La Pedrera

Casa Mila is very important work of Catalan Modernism. Perfect reflection of Art Nouveau (new art) on Catalan architectural style. Gaudi started to build her in 1906, and finished in 1912. Due to the violation of the municipal building rules its construction was interrupted several times. Casa Mila was inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage List in 1984.

Gaudi’s inspiration sourced from NATURE.. Just Nature..He was so affected from trees, insects, snails, honeycomb, the human and animal skeletons, he had transferred all of them to his buildings. He had desired to create a shape like waves on facade which was so natural like an earth shape that was corroded by sea waves. He also designed iron balconies railings made of wrought iron like moss. You see this details on the photos above and below.

Casa Mila-La Pedrera

After entering Casa Mila you go to the terrace directly. The terrace is very impressive and unusual.. Especially the chimneys are like art-work. I am sure that you have never seen unusual chimneys like this before and you will never see also 🙂

Casa Mila

Terrace and Chimneys / Witch scarers !

The chimneys on the roof in Casa Mila are also named as witch scarers 🙂 If you not believe me search in Google and see.. The funniest part is here.. You look these surreal structures and you can not stand asking yourself; ‘ What kind of spirit Gaudi had and how did he create all these structures? I felt as if I was Alice in Wonderland among these funniest ‘things’ which had high creativity.

The reason of spiral shape of the chimneys is to evacuate the smoke easier. And one more interesting information about chimney:

The top of some chimneys are covered with broken champagne bottle pieces..Very interesting..

Casa Mila Chimneys
Casa Mila Chimneys made by broken champaigne bottle 🙂

We spent much time on Casa Mila’s terrace..

Casa Mila Courtyard

Casa means house in Spanish, you know. (Do you know 🙂 ) Casa Mila means Mila’s house. Mila family’s house. She was commissioned by Mr.Pere Mila who was an industrialist and his wife Rosa Mila. Casa Mila was designed as a residence that contains many flats for sale. It is formed as two blocks and two courtyards one being extremely nice. There is no corner as a result of Gaudi’s typical style. Rooms are all shaped round. This caused some disagreements between Gaudi and Mila’s sometimes. One day Rosa Mila had complained that there were no straight wall to place her piano which she played often and well. Gaudi’s response was clear; ‘So play the violin’.. It is clear that he didn’t like to compromise about his style.. 🙂  And many disputes like that. Gaudi designed furnitures in the building as well. Mrs. Mila, has changed a lot of furnitures with new ones after Gaudi’s death.

Courtyard view from the terrace; ( The courtyard view is nicer from entrance floor 🙂 )

CasaMila's courtyard-Casa Mila'nın avlusu

and here is the view of courtyard from entrance floor.. It is amazing..

Casa Mila-La Pedrera

It is just amazing….

Casa Mila-La Pedrera
Casa Mila Catenary Arch

You come down to the attic after visiting the rooftop terrace. Here you see arches giving a nice perspective.

All things that inspired Gaudi are exhibited in this area. Bones, leaves, dry branches, honeycombs, snail shells… So many special things related to Gaudi.. There are a model and design drawings of the building also.. If you are an architect or artist you will like that part.

After the attic you step down to the lower floor. You see here how the daily life was. Bedroom, children’s room, servants’ room, study room…

Casa Mila rooms

And you are leaving from the building with the amazing moments.. Sending Gaudi your love and respect and going to the another Gaudi’s work Casa Battlo.. Casa Battlo is very close here..

Where is Casa Mila?

Casa Mila is on Passeig de Gracia Avenue which is one of the most famous avenues. (Casa Batllo which is another iconic house we will see is on the same street also and very close to Casa Mila.) If you use subway, get off in the station ‘Diagonal’

Nowadays Casa Mila is a culture and art center also. Various events and exhibitions are held here. There was a nude exhibition in entrance floor when we were there.

Casa Mila Opening Hours;

Monday-Sunday: 9 a.m.-8.30 p.m.

Monday-Sunday: 9 a.m.-6.30 p.m. (november-december)

Try to go early in the morning or you may spend much time in long queues. If you have planned your program, get your tickets online and enter directly.

Casa Mila Ticket Fees;

Adults 20,50 €, student and disabled 16,50 € – children (7 to 11) 16,50 € – children ( 6 and under) free.

If you want to visit day and night (Casa Mila is beautiful at nights also) 39,50 € – childeren (7 to 11) 19,75 €. (Yes unfortunately the museums are expensive in Barcelona. But if you are here go above and beyond..)


Casa Mila-La Pedrera

Casa Mila-La PedreraCasa Mila La PedreraCasa Mila La Pedrera


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