Alaçatı Guide 2015

Are you in the cute town of my lovely hometown Izmir? Let’s see the ‘To Do List’ for Alacati, okay?

7 things to do in Alaçatı


1. visit the rollingmills

These 150-year-old mills had used to grind wheat once upon a time. Now they are restored. Very beautiful. We visited them during sunset. They gave us uniq photo frames. You can also sit at the foot of them for a tea-coffee break. We did not do but it seemed enjoyable.

2. explore Hacimemis Neighbourhood

What a nice neighborhood you are! You have shops with antique stuff that I saw at my grandmother’s house. You have many art galleries which couldn’t be seen in a small town. And you have many beautiful places for dinner. I think you are the one in the Aegean. It was really enjoyable to visit you every evening Hacimemis..
                                 I found graffiti in Hacimemis!  I love graffities!

More photos from Hacimemis click here ..

3. take photos of Alacati’s houses

Each house are like a postcard.. Surreal.. There’s a one even with pink louvered! But most of them are blue.. Blue is Alacati’s color.. And I liked blue a lot more with Alacati..

4. buy nature Aegean thyme from Alacati’s inhabitant.

Aegean thyme.. Original .. They are not found elsewhere.. These aunts collect thymes early mornings. This thyme smells so nice! I already know this taste due to I am from Izmir. The thyme especially goes well on salads. They are as large seeds. You can rub in your hand. Buy one to yourself and also to your loves.

5. be lazy on the beaches

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6. explore Alacati’s special cuisine

Alacati food and places guide is here ..

7. get surf lesson

Aysam had done 🙂 click here..


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