Alacati Gourmet Guide


You are in Alacati.. So Aegean.. It is almost clear what you  will eat&drink.. But let’s check again..

1. Take a Turkish raki&fish which will be served with beautiful Aegean herbs.. There are many nice traditional tavern in Alacati.. Bi’ince , Sisarka are nice alternatives in walking way. Serefe Meyhane and Dutlu Kahve are nice places also in Hacımemiş side. If you want more local place, go to Asma Yapragi which reflects the Aegean and the Greek spirit.

traditional Turkish raki table.. 

sea food are eaten in Aegean..

2. If you want to bit more trendy place I would recommend Tuval.. Go and sit a table on the road and watch people passing by while supping your wine. Walk to Hacimemis for other trendy places. Eflatun, Kapari Bahce and Adi Memish which is opposite Kapari are very enjoyable. In particular, we couldn’t forget the tastes ‘dragon balls’ and steak in Adi Memish. Reservation is required for each of the three places.

If you go to Adi Memish, I highly recommend ‘dragon balls‘ and ‘steak‘ with red wine…

3. If you say; I am in Aegean but I want to taste Anatolian dishes, go to Antioche. Antioche is in Istanbul also.

4. If you say; I am in Aegean but I want French, L’escargot is the correct address. (French loves escargots. This place get its name from escargot)

5. If you want a place like Michelin Rated Restaurant, go to Mancar.

6. If you say; I don’t want a dinner with crowd and noise, I want quiet, chic and gurme place, go to Foryu which is in Alavya Otel. Listen jazz and soul.. Relax your soul..

7. If you say; I will not stay much in the place, I want eat&go, go to Avrasya Turkish Cousine. It is a few steps after the rollingmills. The traditional Turkish-Aegean dishes are nice and economic also. No alcohol.

8. And ‘Kumru‘.. You cannot come back your country without eating kumru which is very local taste for Alacati and Izmir also. There are many kumru place around the rolling mills. Kumrucu Sevki is most popular address. But lately Kumrucu Hikmet is said to be nice also.

Izmir kumru..Yum!

9. When you are in kumru cafes, order mussel(midye dolmasi) as a starter. These mussels are very nice-special and you cannot eat anywhere but in Izmir-Alacati.

Izmir style mussel..

10. I recommend Kose Kahve for coffee and lemonade. It is in center of downtown region and very enjoyable place. You can go to Imren for dessert and icecream. You can try pudding with mastic. Mastic is so popular in Alacati. Even coffee is drinked accompanying by mastic. Buy mastic jam to bring your home.

11. There are also many places for after dining in Alacati.. If you want a pub, you can go to Saskin which is more local and less touristy and has good music. If you want more trendy place, walk Hacimemis region and go to Koyun Delisi or Traktor. Iyi Resto Bar is nice place also and it is in heart of downtown. No signboard. You will recognize this place by its chair on the road. Cocktails are nice. I love cocktail ‘blue lagoon’. Try it. Iyi Resto is just opposite Kose Kahve.

12. Tektekci’s shots would be very nice for final.. (Another Tektekci is in Flyinn Beach..)

My shot favourite in Tektekci is #olinguito ..

The places in Alacati are so enjoyable..


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