Alaçatı Beaches’15


Actually Alacati has no beach. All beaches are around the Alacati. Let’s visit some beaches around Alacati..

Firstly, I must say if you will go to beaches you must have a car or use taxi. So I highly recommend to rent a car in Izmir. Let’s visit some beaches..

1.Fly Inn :

The sea is very beautiful. Cyristal water.  Also the Music is good. (According to my own opinion 🙂 ) Their music style is lounge, chill-out. If you don’t like loud pop music, you are at right place.  The beach is sandy.  The beach has very big area.  There are many food&drink alternatives. Bej Restaurant which is popular in Istanbul is also in this beach. There is Tektekci shot bar. It is really enjoyable to take shots, warm up and then go to cold sea.  There is a huge swing in the sea. This is a good difference for those like swing 🙂  Another different thing is underwater photo camera. You can take your photo under the water and buy at the beach. (10 TL)


? The area reserved for sunbeds is small. You are so close to other guests. ? Water is very cold.

Entry fee : 50 TL. Included one drink  


2. Babylon

 It is in Aya Yorgi Cove √ The sea is very good. √  Music is so so. Their style is R&B mostly. Sometimes faster. ( Don’t seat at near the speaker. √ Wide area  
? No sandy beach, you enter the sea from the deck ?

Entry fee : 50 TL. (% 50 discount for Vodafone users)


3. Quente Beach

√ Deniz süper. √ Şezlongların arası geniş.
√ The sea is very good  √ The area with sunbed is wide.


?Age standart is very very low. Between 3-8 ages 🙂 This beach is like a child park. I couldn’t figure out why but it is definetely choice of the families with children. If you don’t have baby or child don’t go. ? Service is so slow.

Entry fee : 40 TL (%50 discount for Vodafone users-cash)

4. Aquente warm pool

This place is 600 mt away from Quente Beach. It has a warm pool with sea view. It is suitable after 4 p.m. / 16 + ages. / Entry fee: 40 TL (%50 discount for Vodafone users)

5. Fun Beach

It is fine for those looking for fun / Entry fee: 45 TL (% 50 discount for Vodafone users)

6. Zio Beach

One of the newest beach in Alacati. Entry 40 TL with one drink included

7. Sole Mare

It is in Aya Yorgi Cove. It is next to Babylon. No sunbeds but white matts instead. Entry fee: 50 TL included one drink.

Fly Inn’s chairs..



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