Acropolis of Athens

You all know Acropolis means ‘city on the hill’ in ancient literature. Acropolis of Athens is the most famous of all acropolis in the world.

When you are in Athens this is the first place that you should visit. Let’s discover the most important parts to see the Acropolis in Athens ..


This is the largest and most magnificent temple of Acropolis. Acropolis usually comes to mind as this magnificent structure. However, the Parthenon is just one of structures in Acropolis. Parthenon was built on behalf of Athena (known as Minerva in Roman mythology) who is Head of the Goddess and protector of Athens. Even the name of the city came from the goddess Athena. Athena is God of War, but she symbolizes the intelligence and strategy part of war, not brute strength like Ares who is the other God of War. Athena statues usually have helmets on the head. You can recognize them by their helmet 🙂


Unfortunately, when we went to Parthenon, it was under restoration. Each side was surrounded by ugly scaffoldings. I was eager to take photos, but I made do with a few frames with this view. This building is under restruction very often all the year. Nevertheless, it was extremely beautiful and splendid.


This is the second important structure after Parthenon on the Acropolis,. It was built to honor of Athena and the God of Sea Poseidon (Neptune in Roman mythology). It is also said by some sources that the temple is built to name of the legendary king Erekhtheus.

This is where Poseidon and Athena battled for the city of Athens also.. Both Athena and Poseidon want to be the owner of the city. It was decided to have a contest to set who will be the owner of the city. According to this contest the God who will have more useful things for city will be winner and the owner of Athens. Poseidon hit the floor with his famous baton and place a large drop slot and comes the useless salty water. Athena comes and hits the ground too. An olive tree grows up from the soil. People find olive tree more useful and Athena becomes the owner of the city. The olive branch is a symbol of the city since that time.

Erechteion has a Caryatid balcony. I love these elegant looking caryadits most. All dressed in peplos. (peplos is seamless garment worn by women in ancient Greek) These caryatids are not original of course. 5 original ones are exhibited at the Acropolis Museum. Remaining one of them was kidnapped during a war by Lord Elgin who is a British aristocrat. That’s why one of them is exhibited in the British Museum. I’ve seen similar to those caryadits in the Louvre Museum. They were also extremely impressive. For the Louvre caryatids, click here.[/column]

Theatre of Dionysus

One of the two theaters located on the southern slope of the Acropolis. It was built to honor of the Dionysus who is God of Wine (also called the God of the Vintage and known as Bacchus in Roman mythology) This theatre had been used in festivals held in the name of Dionysus. It is also said that the first of the Greek theater show started here.


Odeon of Herodes Atticus

This is an excellent theatre built by Greek aristocrat and sophist Herodes Atticus for his wife. He comes from a rich and noble family. Odeon was the place some activities such as music, theatre held in Greek mythology. A kind of theatre..


The main gate of Acropolis..

Temple of Nike

It was dedicated to Nike who is Goddess of Victory. Very nice.. Ion style..

Acropolis is really impressive..

Athens view from Acropolis

We visited another beautiful Acropolis before. Click here for Acropolis of Pergamon..


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