Hello 🙂

I was born in Izmir and lived there till college. Now, with my longing for Izmir, I live in Istanbul.. I work as executive assistant to President at an international company. I am a public relations specialist and writing articles as a columnist for an internet newspaper also. And my favorites are sports-fitness, books, coffee, gastronomy, cats and of course travel.. I am interested in photography also and crazy for catching the moments but I do not want to heal 🙂 .. Hating clichées and taboos.. Loving empathy.. I think empathy is the most amazing thing for relationships.. This is what I am.. Oh, one last thing.. In love with Aysam..

I care non-stop improvement and sharing . This helps us to earn new perspectives for the life.. And this belief is the reason why I am here.. This blog is going to be mostly about journeys-travels and life.. I’ll be trying to share the moments of my life that I found beautiful and worth sharing..

Hope to be in sharing and inspire…