A Nice Hotel in Alacati:Vodina

I would like you to meet a nice&cute hotel in Alacati..


Actually there is no just a correct answer to the question: Which hotel must be chosen in Alacati? Because almost every hotel is very nice and special there.. So how do you choose correct hotel? Here are the answers:

  • The hotel must be within walking distance of center bazaar (Very important)
  • If possible, the hotel must have a car parking, because it is not easy to walk to the hotel in the streets with suitcases especially under the sun
  • The hotel management must be professional, not amateur
  • Its decoration should reflect the typical Aegean-Greek atmosphere. You must feel the spirit..

After a long and detailed research, I’ve found a new and very charming boutique hotel that provides all of these conditions in Alacati. VODINA!

After our stay at Vodina, we were glad to be sure that our choice was perfect.

I give full point to this nice hotel with very friendly and helpful staff, amazing breakfast with unforgettable delicious taste and 5 o’clock tea-cakes which make us feel at mom’s home. Mr.Baturalp the director and owner of the hotel is a young and modern manager..

Vodina is just 3 minutes walking distance from the central bazaar. There is a parking area in front of the hotel.


Some photos of the hotel 

I am listening to songs of cicadas.. IMG_2097Aysam liked the pool..


The breakfast was amazing.. Untitled Export3

If you go to Vodina, don’t miss to order different shots prepared by Mr.Baturalp..I got 4 of shots 🙂Thank you Vodina.. So long..



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