What To Eat What To Drink in Vienna?


There are many tastes you must try and many places you must go in Vienna.. Let’s check..

1. Schnitzel

You must try schnitzel in  Figlmüller of course. Giant schnitzel is served by accompanied with a delicious potato salad. The place is so close to MozartHaus.

2. Apfelstrudel

It is one of the first dessert with its good smell and taste you must try in Vienna. With apple..It is a classic Germen dessert..

3. Melange


Austrian style cappucciono.. Delicious..

I prefer Cafe Landtmann for the apfelstrudel and melange. This is very famous cafe in Vienna. Once upon a time Mozart and Freud used to come to this cafe. It was a really pleasure for me to drink my melange with their souls..




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