Venice, Beautiful and Sad..

Queen of the Adriatic.. She is so beautiful..

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” said writer Truman Capote..

Venice, a city that is so interesting, starting at the moment you step in there, you feel very different. As if you are not in the world. Car or any other machine does not exist. All transportation is provided by the sea. Water taxi, sea ambulance .. Mestre, -the land side of Venice-is a real city. Business life is also in this section. In the meantime, we are talking about Mestre, if you go to Venice by the tour agents, they usually arrange accommodation at a hotel in Mestre. Need to take the bus to go to Venice from Mestre. You must know it.  Hotels are expensive in Venice, a major cause of choice. Consider this point ..

St. Mark’s Square is the most important place of the city to see.. You have to start exploring the city from this square. Napoleon said “Europe’s most elegant hall,” for St.Marco square. The square is surrounded by the elegant gothic buildings, cafes, open-air bands .. And of course, pigeons .. They will never run away. They are the owner of this square .. And always ready to welcome you ..

Piazza San Marco

You will see two columns on the sides of San Marco Square’s entrance which  is close to the sea. One of the columns is representing the protector of the city of San Marco in Venice, bronze winged lion statue which you can meet anywhere in Venice. These lion statues  became the symbol of Venice. The other one is the statue of Theodora who was the protector of the city before San Marco.

Basilica di San Marco

The most important building in the square to be seen. This church next to the Ducale Palace, was built to preserve  St. Markos’  holy relics brought from Alexandria in 829. The church is in the form of a Greek cross. Surrounding the middle of the four Byzantine dome covered with a dome more vast. This magnificent building has gilded bronze statue of the four horses on the main gate. Known as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse statues brought from Constantinople-Istanbul, at that time the capital of the Byzantine Empire, in 1204, or rather have been missed during the Crusades. Originals are in the building. Those are replicas what we see.

Basilica di San Marco

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.. figures are amazing..


The exterior design of the city’s most famous church consists of gilded Byzantine mosaics. So the church is called “The Gold Church” Chiesa d’Oro also. This structure is also famous for its mosaics and it is really fascinating to look for minutes.. Many various concerts happens here throughout the year also. Do not miss if you catch an opportunity for a concert in this Vivaldi’s fabulous city..

We couldn’t see inside of the church due to the limited time we had. I recommend you to make a reservation for visiting inside, here,  if your program is planned before.


The bell tower in the basilica of San Marco Square is 99 meters high,. Built in 1514 for the first time. However, in 1902, was demolished and re-built in 1912 .. If you want to see the city from above, you can go to Campanile di San Marco. This is the highest tower in Venice, formerly been used as fire tower and the lighthouse. You can use the tower elevator.

Libreria di San Marco-Sansovino

Another structure that greets you when you reach the square is Sansovino Library. Architect Palladio’s work stretches along the west side of St. Mark’s Square. Rare books are available in this library .. This nice building brought a gothic and nice atmosphere to this square. There are famous cafes under ..

St.Marco’s amazing frame..Sansovino..

Torre dell’Orologio / Clock Tower

The clock tower of San Marco Square .. The tower was made in 15. century and Zodiac symbols are depicted on. There are two bronze statues of people on top of the tower. These statues are called Mori. There is an elevator to climb the tower. The clock is divided to 24 and it has not vane. Also, James Bond had precipitated his enemy from this tower on his film called Moonraker 🙂

blue clock tower and Mories..

Palazzo Ducale / Doge’s Palace

Duke’s Palace located next to the Church of San Marco. The palace is considered the most important examples for Italian gothic and renaissance. This great work was built as a symbol of the power to influence trade leaders who come to Venice. Then, returned to the official residence of the dukes of Venice, and the administrative center. This place has destroyed because of some fire. Painting and artwork has been damaged. Commissioned famous artists to compensate for the damage. There are the pink and white marble on the front of the building. This is extremely beautiful with its geometric decorations ..

glorious details of the Doge’s Palace..

Ponte dei Sospiri / Bridge of Sighs

After spending time at the square we go walking throughout sea side. Ponte Dei Sospiri-Bridge of Sighs  comes across. The offenders, sentenced to prison, had looked at the spectacular views for the last time.  They had thought that they  will see this beauty at least after many years or never while they walked on this bridge. The bridge made of white limestone. There are stone bars on its windows. Designed by Antoni Contino. The bridge name was given by Lord Byron. According to a legend, if couples kiss each other  under the bridge as the sun sets their loves last forever. This is laughable yes 🙂

Ponte Dei Sospiri

Ponte Dell Accademia / Academia Bridge

Continue to explore Venice .. We are passing from Ponte Dell Accademia. It is one of the bridges over the Grand Canal. I think the most important feature of this bridge is the locks it carries its on.. Locks yes 🙂 Love locks .. Write your names on the locks and fix to the bridge.. And now your love is immortal .. 🙂 PS: We didn’t lock 🙂

Venice love locks..

Grand Canal view from Ponte Dell Accademia..

Ponte di Rialto / Rialto Bridge

It is the most famous bridge of the city. It is on the Grand Canal and was built in 1592. It is so nice .. so impressive.. He has been carrying the traces of the past centuries proudly. A colorful bridge. Its around is quite touristic .. Watch the bridge and take a lot of photos .. The necessarily thing you must do in Venice is  the Grand Canal Tour .. Grand Canal is called “Canal Grande” but the Venetians prefer to say “Canalasso”. To explore this 3800 mt. long and inverted S-shaped canal, you must ride a ferry number 1. (Vaporetto Numero 1) It departs next to the train station. Here we have seen Rialto Bridge while we are on the vaparetto.

amazing Ponte di Rialto..

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

As the name says this is health church. It is also a Catholic church. A plague epidemic that has ravaged the Venice between the years of 1629-31. After the epidemic, the Venetians decided to hold a health church to offer their gratitude. Designed by Baldassare Longhena church made of brick covered with marble dust. This church gave us very beautiful photo frames ..

Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute

Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo / Santi Giovanni and Paolo church is just near the Santa Maria Della Salute. This beautiful church will catch your attention. It’s a Dominican church. Completely made of brick and has gothic style. We have seen the outside, there are paintings inside.

Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo
love in everywhere

We visited the main attractions of Venice’s.. Now .. time to enjoy the streets of the bazaar. We are walking to the opposite direction of the seaside in St.Marco Square. This is really colorfull and nice street. You can find many shops selling souvenirs and of course the mask.

nice figures that were made by famous Murano glass

Venice Masks;

If you talk about Venice, Venetian masks comes to the mind first. The beautiful, inspiring  wonderful masks were created to remind that human equality actually. They were accross all the repressive institutions of the Middle Ages, While outbreak of plague that occurred in the city these masks were started to be worn by the doctors first. But then, this situation has changed, and Venice masks have become an object of fetish. You can find these fabulous masks almost in every shop in Venice. So don’t come back your home without buying one of these nice things.. But be careful and choose hand-made and real Italian matter ones ..

Venice masks can blow your mind..Which one is more authantic?


We are going into the city now.. to get lost.. ..

Venice is a city like a maze. Travellers beware! I didn’t use word “maze” figuratively 🙂 This city has so narrow and intertwined lanes. You can think that you are in a a maze. These little streets are very complicated. Very lovely also. But we have already lost in Venice and this is  the most enjoyable aspects while you are in the city.. Feel free, get lost and just live this lightness ..

If you have more time to see more places I can suggest a few places to be seen in Venice;

Gallerie AccademiaOne of the most important museums in Venice. Under the Accademia bridge. You can see some famous works such as Tiziano’s Pieta, St. Markos Tintoretto’s St Mark’s Body Brought to Venice.

Ca’Pesaro; This is a baroque-style palace on the Grand Canal and contains some important works belongs to the famous artists such as Matise, Klimt, Kandinsky.

Teatro Le Fenice (The Phoenix)One of the most well-known opera halls in Europe. Has hosted many premiere. 300 mt from San Marco square

Correr MuseumSome historic objects belong to 18th century and the some paintings and sculptures belong to 13th-16  are exhibited in this important museum. It also can be seen in the museum collection of women’s shoes. Entrance to the museum of San Marco Square ..

Naval MuseumThis museum contains some of the things belong to the Second World War and some of the objects which were made in Italy. You can also see famous Bucintoro ship in the Naval Museum. There are Chinese silks and Viking studies also. Venice is considered to be important in terms of maritime trade in history, worth seeing if you have time. Because it is linked with the sea products, especially if you are interesting with sea……

And now time to Gondolaa 🙂 We want pre-celebration for the new year on a gondola.. On the next post



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