Unusual Soldiers of Athens:Evzones!

This Parliament building in Syntagma Square is the Old Royal Palace. It was built in 1842. It is the place that many important Greek leaders such as Venizelos, Papadapulos had discusses on important issues and concluded decisions. When you arrive, you will see the soldiers guarding the Parliament Building. These are Evzone soldiers. Evzone is Greek military unit of the Armed Forces. They are also known as Efsun Soldiers. They wear a uniform (called foustanella) which contains red cap with black fringed and red shoes with big black pompon. They are really funny 🙂 Their skirts have  400 pleated. Why 400? To remember the 400 years of Ottoman rule over Greece ..

If you are in Sintagma at the time the evzones changing of the guard, the ceremony will be very enjoyable. Changing of the guard every hour..

evzone soldiers

Evzones are so cool. In fact, some are even trying to make them laugh 🙂 But they are always cool..

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

There is an Unknown Soldier Monument also in Athens like in many countries. This monument is built on the wall of the Parliamnet to honor all Greek soldiers who died in wars. Embossed on the wall. On both sides of the monument there are two inscriptions from Pericles’ Funeral Oration as written by Thucydides.

On one side written ‘one bed is carried empty, made for the unknown ones’ and on the other side ‘For eminent men, every place is worthy burial ground’

tomb of the unknown soldier


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