Unusual…Center Pompidou

Are you ready for a visit to an extraordinary building..?

This is one of the most obvious example of Brutalist architecture. Word Brutalism originates from the French Word ‘beton brut’ that’s used to describe the ‘raw’ materials. This trend was popular especially before 80’s. But of course it is still possible to be seen. This style is industrial but has a modern image. I liked this extraordinary line 🙂 This unusual design of the architecture had brought an award to its architects of course with more reputation. Former French President Georges Pompidou commissioned Pompidou. So it’s name comes from Georges Pompidou. Many important organizations have been also organized here such as Mango fashion show .. 🙂

There is a different world inside.. You can see ultra modern and many important works of contemporary art. If you are interested in exceptions, creative and unusual works, contemporary art, amazing things limited by the imagination, this place is just for you.. We really loved this world.. You will get new perspective while trying to understand these extraordinary works You should go so..

minimalist love

White and white again… A Robert Ryman‘s work..  If you wonder the meaning of these whites below let me explain..

Ryman explored every parameter of his art with impressive logic, in terms of format, support, medium, tool and gesture, right through to the way the painting was fixed to the wall. If his paintings are white, this is not by virtue of some mystical aspect, but as he says, because ‘white is only a means of exposing other elements of the painting.’ So if you see a white picture like this (not empty!), you must pay attention the connection between work and the wall..


conceptual art

Conceptual art, sometimes simply called Conceptualism, is art in which the concept or idea involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns. Many works of conceptual art, sometimes called installations, may be constructed by anyone simply by following a set of written instructions.I don’t know your ideas about this extraordinary art but I must say I love it!

the Stravinsky Fountain

Go to this modern park area and take a lot of photos after visiting the Center Pompidou.. There are 16 modern sculptures and works.. You will also see a great graffiti on the wall.. This area is so modern also and I promise it will give you great frames 🙂

how to get Pompidou Center..?

Use M1 or M11 line and get off the station Hotel De Ville or use M11 and get off the station Rambuteau.


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