The Top Of Athens ↑ Lycabettus Hill

Mount Lycabettus

This hill is in the must-see list for Athens. 300 meters above sea level. If you are one of those who likes to see the city with bird’s-eye look, you must climb up here. There’s not much thing but amazing city view. There is a place like cafe but not so interesting in fact. There is a small church of Saint George also. We came to that hill because we love reading a city with a top view watching!

Saint George Church is so small..

You can use the Funicular from Kolonaki or climb on foot if you trust your condition. I recommend you to use the stairs for return. You can buy one-way ticket (for those who want to use stairs down)  or you can get a round trip ticket. Tickets was around € 7. If you come by subway, get off the station Evangelismos, some walk, get on the Funicular and go to top.. We asked where the Funicular is to few people but nobody knew 🙂 The interesting and nice thing was each Athenian was trying to help us about the addresses of Funicular..

Lycabettus Hill

It was so nice to watch Athens from the top..



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