The Statue of Liberty and Boat Tour in NYC

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty…

Here is the symbol of America.. Beautiful Statue of Liberty… Lady Liberty .. ..

This sculpture was made of copper. She was a gift to the United States from France due to America’s 100th year. In 1884, 1 year after completion, she was seperated to 350 parts and sent to New York Harbour in 214 trunks. All parts combined in 4 months and opened with a great ceremony in October 28, 1886. She was situated on Liberty Island in New York.

You have 2 alternatives to see Lady Liberty Monument in New York:

  1. You can see both the Liberty Island and also Ellis Island if you choose using ferry to Ellis Island. You can stop at those islands and you see Lady Liberty very closely. (Ellis Island was the gateway for immigrants to the United States as the immigrant station. It is NOT a “must see” place to majority..
  1. You can take a boat tour to go around all Manhattan. Using this alternative, you can see Lady Liberty very closely without stopping at Liberty and Ellis Islands.

We preferred the 2nd alternative in order to see all Manhattan besides Statue of Liberty.

I can briefly say that we made the right choice. Because Manhattan is amazing looking from the sea. I want to tell this beauty with photos.. Come on, let’s get a pleasant boat trip and see The Statue of Liberty in New York…

Manhattan New York Manhattan New York

New York City New York City

We are getting closer to Statue of Liberty and everybody gather on the edge of the boat to take some photos of Lady Liberty.

The Statue Of Liberty The Statue Of Liberty
Mornings Evenings At Manhattan Mornings Evenings At Manhattan

Lady Liberty

The Statue of Liberty has a torch on her right hand, and a tablet shaped epigraph on her left hand (Actually, I do not want to say ‘statue’ ,this is just a beautiful woman 🙂 ) The date ‘  July 4, 1776’ which is Declaration of Independence is written on the tablet. The crown on the head of the statue has a special meaning. 7 sharp points of the crown symbolizes 7 continents and 7 seas. The total height of the statue is 93 meters. 15 people can stroll at the same time around the corridor of the torch. Imagine her size 🙂 (Giant statue ‘Mother Ukraine’ in Kiev is 102 meter, remember here)

The Statue of Liberty’s creator is the famous French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi.. Famous Gustave Eiffel cared of her steel construction.. (Gustave Eiffel was really good about steel 🙂 See the Eiffel Iron Lady )


So who had modeled the statue; the ex-wife of Mr. Singer who was the owner Singer sewing machine, Isabella Eugenie Boyer…

Statue of Liberty is on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1984..

Who is the owner of the Statue of Liberty?

According to the famous historian Murat Bardakci’s claim, in fact this statue was ordered by Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz. It was going to be situated on the point that Suez Canal meets Mediterranean Sea. Even the money was paid or something like that. But they gave up because of the idea that the Muslim community wouldn’t like a female image and finally Lady Liberty was gifted to New York.

Another historian Mustafa Armagan says that Bartholdi offered a Project to the Ottoman Sultan but this offer was never accepted. So Murat Bardakci’s claim wasn’t true..

I do not know which thesis is correct, the only thing I know is, this beautiful woman fits to New York very best.

Our boat is still on its way.. We are still watching amazing Manhattan…

Brooklyn Bridge

We are getting closer to another legend in New York.. Brooklyn Bridge.. Just amazing..

Brooklyn BridgeBrooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Köprüsü

Brooklyn Bridge looks great looking from the sea. Remember my post here, being on the Brooklyn Bridge and some truths about the bridge.

Manhattan Bridge

I love bridges.. Definitely..

Manhattan BridgeManhattan KöprüsüManhattan Bridge


LOVE! is a must!

Evrim-AysamAysam Akses in New York

There may be some alternatives for this cruise tours but the main and popular one is the Circle Line. The port is on western side of Manhattan, W41-W43 Street, Pier 83.
If you have NY City Pass you may use one of your coupon for this cruise, however without a coupon you can have a 1,5 hour Land Mark tour for 37 usd. There are alternatives as night tour or half hour speed boat tour, it is up to your choice.


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