The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Like a Bride..

We continue on our way. Slowly we start to see the target..! Famous leaning Pisa Tower, slowly starting to grow in front of us with her amazing look.. (Yes, I said “her” because of her bride looking silhouette :) )

And finally we arrived at Torre Pendente.. This area contains Tower which is located next to the colossal cathedral and baptistery, in the area called Piazza Dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles-Piazza Del Duomo-Square of Miracles). The name was awarded by the Italian poet and writer Gabriele D’Annunzio. This place is in the the Unesco World Heritage List.

Campo Dei Miracoli-Square of Miracles

Time to examine the tower.. Firstly I must say that she is dramatically inclined. Inclined but more to say she is very very beautiful.

The tower of Pisa-like a bride..

Pisa Tower’s height is 56 meters, an impressive 8 floor building. Although there is conflicting information about the architect, well known by Bonanno Pisano. Because of the tower’s soft ground collapse of the ground, started to bend the tower towards the South .After the leaning has reached to a dramatical level, it was closed for fixing between 1990-2001 and re-opened..

You have to climb the 296 steps if you want to reach to top. There are 7 bells. Each one brings a different note ..

Pisa Tower is a really impressive structure. Even it was not leaning, it would seem highly impressive Very elegant. Very naive. The bending view made it irrational, and attarctive.


just next to the tower, again very impressing. Its architect is not known. Like the tower this building is made of white-gray marble.

Pisa Cathedral

The main gates of the cathedral is made by Giambologna, the famous Italian artist who also created the Cosimo Medici statue in Florenece. Inside the building you get impressed as the outer view.

it worths examining the doors of the cathedral..


Baptistery, the last of the trio forming the miracles square. Its architect is known as Diotisalvi from Pisa. After he has died, Nicola Pisano and his sonGiovanni Pisano had finished the structure.



After baptisery see also the Campo Santo, the graveyard. Just near the tower you will notice many souvenir shops where you can find something to buy for memories, or maybe as a gift. Buy the nice ones and be happy 🙂 

After discovering all these amazing places, and taking enough photos, we started to for our way to station, return..If you find time, you can also visit:

  • Palazzo Carovana, build by Giorgio Vasari, in the Piazza dei Cavalieri
  • Palazzo Gambacorti, municipality palace
  • The Medici Palace, the palace used by Lorenzo di Medici in summer
  • National Museum of San Matteo, exhibiting works from centuries 12-15.
  • Sinopie Museum, in front of the tower, at the line of the shops, a museum which contains ancient costumes and frescs brought from Sinop, Turkey…

Of course the most important work to see is Pisa Tower.. She is really amazing..



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