Romantic Kiev..

Kiev is a city which is famous with her parks. You can feel yourself as if you are in a fairy-tale. You must go in autumn or beginning of winter. Let everywhere be covered with red leaves.. 

German writer Goethe said for Kiev, ” I saw cities which has parks inside, but first time I see the city inside park” . Kiev has a fame as “City of Parks”. Kyiv City Council determines to save that reputation. Because of that some important rules are taken. In order to cut down old trees, you need to get written permission from the mayor. If you cut a tree without permission you get penalty of many thousands of dollars.

Pechersk Landscape Park

Mariinsky.. Pechersk.. Taras Shevchenko Park.. Glory Park..

Marinsky Park is one of the best parks in Kiev.. Some others are Landscape Park, Taras Shevchenko Park and they all are very beautiful. You will see this park already while you visit the places that I mentioned in my previous posts. I hope you are going to be in Kiev in autumn.. When the leaves are red..


So delicious..


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